Generation Y Leaders

They experienced the rise of the Internet, 9/11 and the wars that followed. Because of their dependence on technology, they are said to be digital natives.

Generation Y Leaders
Laura Hay Josie Stommel Ben Leiter
Anna Rodriguez  Lucas Al-Zoughbi  Luke Mackey
Sadia Aurna Arielys Liriano Kharis Murphy
Sari Stissi  Priscilla Weddle Chelsea Little
Jennifer Weakland Tiffany Byers Malikah French
Dean DiPisa Albert Nguyen  Marie Benner-Rhoades

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Laura Hay

A Life Long Learner Committed to Peace and Justice while Looking for Some Whimsy

"I’ve only just begun my work at OEP but I am already so proud of the community here. I am grateful to be a part of it and am looking forward to continuing to contribute in a meaningful and dynamic way. We have just launched ... "

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Josie Stommel

A Life Long Learner, Global Citizen and Peacebuilder

"I came to OEP as a college sophomore navigating the higher education system and beginning to understand my calling as an international educator. OEP opened doors for me: the curriculum projects I worked on as an intern have proved ... "

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Ben Leiter

A Writer, Student of Black Political Thought and Agent of Anti-Racist Change

"OEP has impacted me differently at the various stages of my life. First, as a background source of peace education growing up at and around the Brethren Service Center. Then, during my college years, as an organizing hub against the Iraq War and a bold voice ... "

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Anna Rodriguez

A Hard Worker, Peacebuilder, and Social Entrepreneur Working for Social Change

"Before I joined OEP I believed that there were only two ways to approach injustice (peacefully and through violence). OEP and my environmental justice work has taught me to see the roots of injustice and seek for solutions through nonviolent actions. I have had the opportunity to learn from different communities and share with them Martin Luther King’s methods of nonviolent action to combat current environmental injustices, such as a community in Uganda that had to find a way to stop the creation ... "

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Lucas Al-Zoughbi

An Activist, Researcher, Writer, Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist

"When I joined the board of On Earth Peace, I also joined the Anti-Racist Transformation Team, which has been a place of renewal and rejuvenation for my justice organizing. The people on the ARTT are all committed to justice and equity and thoughtfully engage around the structures of racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism both around us and within ourselves. This has been a tremendous example of what ... "

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Luke Mackey

Doing my Part to Make a Larger Impact

"OEP helped open my eyes to the injustices that I did not think still existed in our modern world. Racism is something that as a white individual, I don’t think about on a daily basis. OEP helped show me the extent of how racism is a huge problem in our world today and how we all can be allies  ... "

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Sadia Aurna

Spreading Love and Helping People in the most Productive and Human way Possible

"OEP has inspired me in just few months of working with them. OEP gives platform and tools to the young people to do their justice and peace work in the way they want to do with the the guidance and support from OEP in every stage. It's a collaboration and the love and kindness that will motivate you to do more for your ... "

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Arielys Liriano

An Advocate for Sustainable Solutions in Non-Profit and Self-Sufficiency

"When I first came to OEP, I was the first one to take on the role of immigration justice organizer intern. I had to create the Facebook group and connect with different organizers to understand their line of work ... "

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Kharis Murphy

A Peacebuilder, Creator and Budding Meme Expert

"Working on the SRK Campaign at OEP has given me an opportunity to really bring the principles I believe in into practice- principles of nonviolence, peace & justice, and intersectionality. As I work with OEP and SRK I am constantly aware of the ways we need to end not just militarism ... "

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Sari Stissi

Using Technology as a Force for Good

"I think OEP has helped me to recognize the types of things I can do with tech to help the non profit world. I thought I would go to Google but I wanted to work at OEP because I have been able to explore how technology can work and it gave me the opportunity to apply my skills in the field. People in OEP have helped me determine which of my ideas are most viable and thus allow me to act ... "

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Priscilla Weddle

An Compassionate, Hardworking Leader and Animal Lover

"At OEP, I have learned how to create and manage a project. The Read Aloud Project was created to provide educational resources on peace and justice during the COVID-19 pandemic ... "

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Chelsea Little

Creation and Curation: A Longtime Content Creator

"When I came to OEP, I didn’t have much experience in nonprofit and it’s opened my eyes to what you can do. I’ve been here for just a month and I’ve seen the Facebook pages. The number of events that have been done during this month is staggering and I feel lucky to be able to help out ... "

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Jennifer Weakland

A Peacebuilder, Quaker Dedicated to Community, Relationships and Humans Rights Advocacy

"I came to OEP seeking a justice-focused internship given my interests in human rights advocacy and peaceful conflict resolution. Previously, I was aware of the struggles facing the justice system in America. However, after becoming the Prison Justice Organizing Intern for OEP, I discovered the depth of the human rights abuses carried out by the justice system in the US. Working with my group has shown me ... "

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Tiffany Byers

A Communicator, Writer and Peacebuilder

"Understanding “peace” was so abstract to me until I attended Manchester University. From there my knowledge of peace and justice grew. I was able to put that knowledge to work at On Earth Peace by sharing and teaching how people can connect issues of peace ... "

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Malikah French

An Editor Creating Verbal Space for Social Change

"Being in charge of the newsletter was important to me because it helped me stay connected to everybody ... "

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Dean DiPisa

Selfless and Giving Back to Create Positive Outlook on Making Change

"With my work at OEP, I’ve come across a variety of exceptional people, as well as causes that have had a great effect on me and has given me a great sense of pride in my work ... "

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Albert Nguyen

A Dedicated Student to Understanding and Fighting for Justice and Peace

"I had some experience with community service work for non-profit organizations, but I was never truly aware of the many aspects that went into ensuring that an organization was fully capable of setting out to fight against oppression and discrimination. Once I joined On Earth Peace, I was able to communicate with people who were just as passionate as me about fighting for justice and peace ... "

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Marie Benner-Rhoades

Developing Leadership for Peace in Children, Youth and Young Adults

"OEP’s value of intergenerational leadership development has impacted my work for justice and peace -- first as a youth through their peace retreats, then as a young adult staff person providing a decentralized work culture that allowed me to move and grow without changing my job, and now as a parent and professional ... "

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