Community Engagement Grants for Youth Groups


What is the Community Engagement Grant?

The Community Engagement Grant offers up to $500 in grant funding to support a youth-initiated (see eligibility below) project for peace and justice in their community. Organizing through a Kingian Nonviolence framework, grant winners will closely work with On Earth Peace to better their communities and spread peace.

Community Engagement Grant recipients are required to complete three trainings through On Earth Peace. The trainings will be on organizing through a Kingian Nonviolence framework and two other webinars catered and designed specifically for the proposed project.

The Community Engagement Grant Offers More than Money

  • Network: Create lasting connections with interns and staff at OEP and with other youth organizations who are passionate about initiating change in their communities

  • SupportJoin a supportive community and network of On Earth Peace Interns and staff who will support you throughout your project
  • Experience: Understand the “how to” of social justice work and gain professional experience 

  • Education: Participate in three virtual webinars (provided via Zoom) led by peace-work professionals at OEP to help enhance knowledge of various peace and justice topics that will help you in your project (approximately two to five hours)

    Topics include:

    • Organizing through a Kingian Nonviolence framework

    • Webinars catered and designed specifically for the proposed project

Application Process

1. Complete Application Form

2. Write and submit a Formal Cover Letter via application

  1. Describe particular community engagement project that is being proposed including a timeline and budget for the overall project

  2. Identify key community partners and indicate the youth group's understanding of their own position of privilege in the community

3. Interview 

Applications will be reviewed beginning the deadline. Funds may be awarded in full or in distributions depending on the nature of the project.


Do you have an idea but are unsure if it is applicable for the grant? Email [email protected]


We are looking for youth who are passionate about initiating change and seeking justice in their communities.

To apply for this grant, we require the following criteria:

  • For the purposes of this program, youth is defined as 6th-12th grade.
  • Proposed program must be youth initiated and led  and focus on bettering the community
  • Project must be focused on peace and justice
  • Group must have an adult advisor 
  • Individual projects are accepted

Past Projects:


Community Engagement Grant Info Session: Wednesday, October 18, 2023: 7:00-8:00pm EST

Community Engagement Grant Drop-In Session: Wednesday, November 8, 2023: 7:00-8:00pm EST


For any questions or more information, contact Marie Benner-Rhoades at [email protected] or Emi Kawamura at [email protected].

We thank the following generous supporters of OEP who provide funding for these grants.

  • Dale & Ruth Aukerman Peacemaking Fund
  • Hazel Peters Youth Leadership Training Fund
  • Rupel-Gilbert Fund for Youth Peace
  • Paul Ziegler Young Peacemakers Fund

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