Community Engagement Grants for Youth Groups

OEP is supporting youth groups and their efforts by offering up to $500 in grant funding to support a youth-initiated* project for peace and justice in their community. 

Examples of projects include: 

  • Hosting a community block party to highlight organizations working for peace and justice
  • Organizing a mural project 
  • Creating a Beloved Community garden, park or playground
  • Organizing a rally to bring attention to a local, national or global concern
  • Sponsoring a violent toy turn-in 
  • … and many more

Grant winners will also participate in three webinars intended to help enhance their knowledge of various peace and justice topics that will help them in their work. These topics include: 

  • Organizing through a Kingian Nonviolence framework
  • Faith-based leadership formation
  • Antiracism/anti-oppression analysis

To get started, applicants should complete the Google Form application online and submit a cover letter describing their proposed community engagement project. In the cover letter, be sure to identify key community partners you will be working with. The cover letter should also include a section where the youth group writes on their understanding of their position and privilege in the community. 

Applications will be reviewed as they are received until all funds in the grant are distributed. Funds may be awarded in full or in distributions depending on the nature of the project. 

For any questions or more information, contact Anesu at [email protected]

*For the purposes of this program, youth is defined as 6th-12th grade.

We thank the following generous supporters of OEP who provide funding for these grants.

  • Dale & Ruth Aukerman Peacemaking Fund
  • Hazel Peters Youth Leadership Training Fund
  • Rupel-Gilbert Fund for Youth Peace
  • Paul Ziegler Young Peacemakers Fund
  • H.C. Gemmer Family Christian Foundation