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Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Sadia Akhter Aurna, was born and raised in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Since a very young age she saw poverty, hunger, the need for peace, the need for education and a safer environment to save earth and humans; for all humans regardless of their gender, sexual preference or religion. Growing up in a Muslim household, in a Muslim majority country, she saw the discrimination towards the less powerful group and realized how when one specific group is in power then you must raise your voice for the unheard, for the so called “minority.” When two of her friends, prominent LGBT rights activists of her country were beheaded in front of their parents by terrorists, two days after she saw them, she realized how you must do whatever you can to bring peace and solidarity. She realized how you need to raise your voice when you live in male dominant society. She realized how you need to raise your voice for the very marginalized people of your community because when flood and hurricane hits, it’s them who are the most vulnerable, not the rich and the powerful. So, she started doing that by writing, joining organizations that support the less privileged and through joining many peaceful protests against corruption, violence and injustice and plan to do so throughout whole life. 

Sadia is currently part of the Development Team for On Earth Peace. Some of her other key commitments include working with Ashoka as their 2020 summer Intern. Finally, she is also the president of the Indian SubContinent Student Organization at the University of Findlay.  

Read Sadia's stories at the key organizations she has been a part of:

Indian SubContinent Student Organization Ashoka On Earth Peace

For additional information about Sadia's work, read about how On Earth Peace has impacted her work.

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Indian SubContinent Student Organization

The purpose of the Indian-Subcontinent Student Association at The University of Findlay is to provide a platform for students from Indian-subcontinent region, as well as other students, to build a support network and promote, and spread awareness about cultural heritage of Indian-subcontinent and help expand the University of Findlay campus and community diversity. As one of the club, it is Aurna's role to make sure that they as a whole their job in the most productive way.

Follow Indian SubContinent Student Organization's progress and work:

Indian SubContinent Student Organization's Facebook

Indian SubContinent Student Organization's Instagram

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Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who transform institutions and cultures so they support change making for the good of society. As their summer on-boarding intern of the global talent team, Aurna's job is to have the on boarding process of the global hiring as smooth as possible, to collaborate with the global fellows, to work on their LGBTQ resources and much more.

Follow Ashoka's progress and work:

Ashoka's Website

Ashoka's Facebook

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Sadia is part of the Development Team, a role where she connects with local and global donors as well as helping to create and run campaigns that will motivate the upcoming generation to get involved with justice and peace work.

Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Sadia

“OEP has inspired me in just few months of working with them. OEP gives platform and tools to the young people to do their justice and peace work in the way they want to do with the the guidance and support from OEP in every stage. It's a collaboration and the love and kindness that will motivate you to do more for your community, to look at the world in the most positive way, that we can bring positive changes, we can fix things for the better, for once and all.” 
-- Sadia Aurna

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