Anna Rodriguez 

A Hard Worker, Peacebuilder and Social Entrepreneur Working for Social Change

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Anna grew up in Barcelona, Spain. She was raised with the following values such as equality, justice, sacrifice among others. She moved to the US with a tennis scholarship to pursue her undergraduate degree in Political Science in 2015. She lived in Lewiston, Idaho for 2 years but she wanted to switch her major to International Relations. So she transferred to George Mason University in her Junior year. 

She has always been interested in international development, mostly economic development and international non-profit work. As soon as she had the chance, she got involved with clubs at the university that focused on food insecurity and while she was doing an exchange program in Buenos Aires Argentina she got involved in housing security projects located in irregular neighborhoods. 

Regarding peace and justice, she stands behind Stevenson's quote: “The opposite of poverty is not  wealth. It's justice.” She believes justice and peace are basic human rights that societies should take more seriously because many people lack these basic rights. Advocacy, cooperation and action are key to change justice and peace matters and that is what she wants to do throughout her life. 

Read Anna's stories at the key organizations she has been a part of:

Fundación Miaportacion The Campus Kitchen Project Techo

For additional information about Anna's work, follow her social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted her work.

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Fundación Miaportacion

Fundación Miaportacion is an online free Spanish platform for local nonprofit organizations. The goal is to communicate and cover any needs required by the specific communities that they operate in. This happens to be Anna' full time job, where her role was during COVID, she helped to work on campaigns to provide food to low income families located in Spain, mostly Barcelona and Madrid. Also, she helped to launch campaigns such as donate an online grocery bag, establish calls to people living on their own and help fundraised for medical material and emergency sanitation kits for people living in the streets of Madrid. 

Follow Fundación Miaportacion's progress and work:

Fundación Miaportacion's Website

Fundación Miaportacion's Facebook

Fundación Miaportacion's Twitter

Fundación Miaportacion's Instagram

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The Campus Kitchen Project

The Campus Kitchen Project is a university club at George Mason University in Virginia that aims to end food waste on university campuses while helping reduce hunger in the community. Their mission was to pick up leftover food from the dining areas to take it to homeless shelters located in our community. Anna serves as the volunteer coordinator- she was in charge of being the intermediary between the dining chefs, the volunteers and our local homeless shelters to coordinate our actions.

Follow The Campus Kitchen Project's progress and work:

The Campus Kitchen's Facebook

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Techo is one of the largest nonprofits in south america in the housing field. Techo provides emergency housing to really low income communities living in slums. Anna volunteered to help the organization while she was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She spent a weekend getting to know a family living in a slum and building them a wood house for them to move into in order to make sure the oldest daughter would have her first baby in a more comfortable space- their current home could not accommodate the room needed for their daughter to give birth safely. 

Follow Techo's progress and work:

Techo's Website

Techo's Facebook

Techo's Twitter

Techo's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Anna

“Before I joined OEP I believed that there were only two ways to approach injustice (peacefully and through violence). OEP and my environmental justice work has taught me to see the roots of injustice and seek for solutions through nonviolent actions. I have had the opportunity to learn from different communities and share with them Martin Luther King’s methods of nonviolent action to combat current environmental injustices, such as a community in Uganda that had to find a way to stop the creation of a landfill in their community. I am a better person today, with better understanding and better tools to approach and combat community injustices. " 
-- Anna Rodriguez

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