Kharis Murphy

Peacebuilder, creator, budding meme expert


Kharis's main commitment as of now is being the Stop Recruiting Kids Campaign Intern for On Earth Peace.

On Earth Peace + Stop Recruiting Kids Campaign

On Earth Peace (OEP) focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Kharis's primary role at OEP has centered on promoting the Stop Recruiting Kids Campaign, a social media campaign focused around promoting alternative careers to military service for youth as well as promoting youth health through highlighting negative effects of joining the military young, and promoting demilitarization of schools. In order to bring this issue to attention, Kharis is cleverly employing the use of memes and graphics to capture the interests of people as well as doing research on different issues around military recruitment, military service, and youth in order to strengthen the campaign's fight against militarization.

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"Working on the SRK Campaign at OEP has given me an opportunity to really bring the principles I believe in into practice- principles of nonviolence, peace & justice, and intersectionality. As I work with OEP and SRK I am constantly aware of the ways we need to end not just militarism, but all forms of oppression that uphold the system of violence we live in today. "
-- Kharis Murphy



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