Army Recruitment Targets Students in Debt

“Debt is a form of social control. You can force people to do all kinds of things if you put them in debt first."

- Photo and quote courtesy of NNOMY website.

According to a recent article posted by The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY), the U.S. Army has reached its recruiting goal for the year, attributing this success to America's current student debt crisis. A recent revamp in recruiting tactics has placed elimination of student loan debt at the forefront of social media campaigns. With the collective student debt surpassing $1.5 trillion dollars, and the average person having $31,000 in loan debt, being debt free is an appealing incentive.

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Mayara Storer, New LGBTQ Justice Intern

Hello everyone! My name is Mayara Storer and I’m the new LGBTQ Justice Intern with On Earth Peace. I’m 22 years old and from Brazil, but I’ve been living in the USA for four years now. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication, and I’m so excited to start this position and engage with you all!

Talking about LGBTQ Justice is important to me not only because I am part of the community, but because I truly believe that people have the right to be with whoever they love with no shame or fear of not being accepted. Personally, I had a hard time accepting the fact that I could be attracted to other women. I had a hard time accepting myself. I attribute this to the pressure that society puts on us to be the way they want us to be since we are little kids (girls wear pink, guys wear blue). Especially when it comes to religion; some people use it as an argument or explanation for why they don’t agree with or accept the LGBTQ community, sometimes even leading to offensive comments. However, I associate God with love. Everything done or said that disrespects, hurts ,or harms other people, should never be for His/Her will. Because of that, I’m really happy to be part of a faith-based organization that brings the conversation on LGBTQ Justice to the forefront and gives us a platform to share our thoughts on the subject.

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On Earth Peace Sunday

“Receive One Another to the Glory of God”

December 8, 2019 (2nd Sunday of Advent, Peace Sunday)

advent candles

Here is a compelling theme and message for your sermon and worship on December 8th, the 2nd Sunday of Advent ("Peace Sunday"). We also include an On Earth Peace "Moment in Mission" printable bulletin insert, and full lectionary readings. This is a challenging juxtaposition of verses, calling for us to receive each other, and at the same time reject certain faults in ourselves.

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Fall Board Report 2019

The On Earth Peace (OEP) fall board meeting was held October 3-5 at the Marian Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It was a joy to welcome Myalisse, the newborn daughter of Co-chair Melisa Leiter-Grandison and her husband Ben. The board also welcomed Mary Scott-Boria, the newest member and co-chair of the Anti-Racism Transformation Team.

A group building exercise planned by the new Board Governance and Development Committee kicked off the meetings. Other aspects of the board’s new organizational structure were also evident, demonstrating a smooth transition to the new design. An important part of the meetings continues to be intentional reflection on dynamics of power and process; the board pauses its work on a regular basis to assess these dynamics in order to ensure that the group is working well together, with power and privilege equally shared.

A keynote speaker the first evening gave witness to the powerful transformation possible through the organizing principals of Kingian Nonviolence. Victoria Christgau shared her amazing journey which led to the establishment of the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence. Her organization has won the trust of both schools and police, opening doors for each to receive nonviolence training.

An interesting OEP and Church of the Brethren connection to this work was highlighted. The CT Center for Nonviolence is one of a number of organizations using a curriculum co-authored by Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., a freedom rider and associate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and David Jehnsen, a member of the Church of the Brethren. Jehnsen also worked with King and was once jailed with him. On Earth Peace is the fiscal sponsor for the Kingian Nonviolence Coordinating Committee which holds the rights to the curriculum. After a meaningful and deeply spiritual time of sharing, the board laid hands on Victoria Christgau and prayed for God’s blessings on her work.

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Jennifer Weakland, New Prison Justice Community of Practice Intern

                                        Photo courtesy of The Nation website

Introduction to the On Earth Peace community - Jennifer Weakland

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