Lucas Al-Zoughbi

An Activist, Researcher, Writer, Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Lucas Al-Zoughbi is a researcher, an activist and a teacher! His works revolve around anti racism, anti capitalism, justice, peace and equality.

His work with On Earth Peace began as an intern when he was an undergraduate student at Manchester University, a Brethren school. He worked with the Agape-Satyagraha program and was able to take that program to Bethlehem, Palestine to work with youth in partnership with the Wi’am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center. That work, although difficult considering the socio-political realities, was extremely rewarding. The first day of the program began with an unprecedented event- they had more than a dozen participants and mentors, but the session was interrupted by an Israeli military raid which involved the threat of harm to our participants and trainers. In spite of this nightmare of a first day, a few of the participants and one mentor kept showing up. Although this was only a quarter of the group that first attended, they were still able to have meaningful discussion and really profound reflections about the socio-political situation. Participants developed language and critical analyses of their own experiences with oppression, and connecting it to broader socio-economic-political issues. For example, the intersection of patriarchy and Israeli settler-colonialism. 

Stories like these had helped prepare Lucas especially for his work at Michigan State University's Adolescent Diversion Program. 

Read Lucas's stories at the key organizations he has been a part of:

Wi’am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center MSU's Adolescent Diversion Program On Earth Peace

For additional information about Lucas's work, follow his social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted his work.

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Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center

Wi’am, a grassroots Palestinian organization in Bethlehem works for justice, peace, and reconciliation in the community. Lucas's role is as a volunteer/fundraiser/consultant. Historically, he has facilitated training for youth participants in Agape-Satyagraha in partnership with On Earth Peace, but also training of the youth group before engaging in international conferences for justice and peace. Additionally, when he was in Palestine, he also supports their educational and cultural tours for internationals interested in the Palestinian plight.


Follow Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center's progress and work:

Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center's Website

Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center's Facebook

Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center's Instagram

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Michigan State University's Adolescent Diversion Program

Michigan State University's Adolescent Diversion Program's goal is to advocate and provide mentorship for youth in the Ingham County Juvenile Justice System. Lucas serves as one of the instructors of ADP, training and educating students in preparation for assigning them to youth in the juvenile justice system.

Follow MSU's Adolescent Diversion Program's progress and work:

MSU's Adolescent Diversion Program's Website

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Lucas  serves on the board and Anti-Racist Transformation Team(ARTT) to support movement in the direction of On Earth Peace’s mission and vision. He  also served as an intern before joining the board as the Agape-Satyagraha Coordination Intern.

Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Lucas

“When I joined the board of On Earth Peace, I also joined the Anti-Racist Transformation Team, which has been a place of renewal and rejuvenation for my justice organizing. The people on the ARTT are all committed to justice and equity and thoughtfully engage around the structures of racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism both around us and within ourselves. This has been a tremendous example of what solidarity can look like, and the hard work to undue injustice."
-- Lucas Al-Zoughbi

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