Dean DiPisa

Selfless and Giving Back to Create Positive Outlook on Making Change 

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Dean is active member of the community, always looking for any sort of opportunity where he can help others out.

He has demonstrated this commitment in his current role as the Online Storekeeper and Outreach Organizer for On Earth Peace. Some of his other key commitments include working with Habitat For Humanity and Keystone Food Bank as a volunteer

Read Dean's stories at the key organizations he has been a part of:

Habitat For Humanity Keystone Food Bank On Earth Peace

For additional information about Dean's work, follow his social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted his work.

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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is an organization that helps to build/ renovate houses for less fortunate who cannot afford a house or cannot afford any repairs and necessary features. They sell refurbished furniture at low prices if needed. Their mission statement is: seeking to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. Dean is a volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, spending his weekends working in morning/afternoon shifts and helping those in need by helping to lift products and moving items to their homes.

Follow Habitat For Humanity's progress and work:

Habitat For Humanity's Website

Habitat For Humanity's Facebook

Habitat For Humanity's Twitter

Habitat For Humanity's Instagram

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Keystone Food Bank

Keystone Food Bank is a community health center that offers social services to educate and empower the less fortunate. They generally help the homeless and hungry and also help to educate adults who were not fortunate to receive an education. Their services have become more important during the pandemic. Dean is a volunteer there and has done a large number of food bank donations there. He also helped to organize many of the larger donations as well as helping to drive food from locations that want to donate.

Follow Keystone Food Bank's progress and work:

Keystone Food Bank's Website

Keystone Food Bank's Facebook 

Keystone Food Bank's Twitter

Keystone Food Bank's Instagram

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Dean is the Online Storekeeper and Outreach Organizer, where he works with the online On Earth Peace store to produce merchandise for people to buy. He also helps with helping to promote and organize campaigns by taking care of marketing, sales and any necessary merchandise design and conception that would help promote the event.

Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Dean

“With my work at OEP, I’ve come across a variety of exceptional people, as well as causes that have had a great effect on me and has given me a great sense of pride in my work. I have the opportunity to help support and promote all of these great campaigns to help make a difference.” 
-- Dean DiPisa

Where To Follow Dean



Just Peace Outfitters- On Earth Peace Online Store

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