Luke Mackey

Doing my Small Part to Make a Larger Impact

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Luke Mackey, a young and passionate social justice worker, believes in peace and justice and our need to fight for the injustice and the systematic injustice happening around us.

He believes that if we all do our parts then we will together can gain a fair system where equality exists. He did his Bachelor degree in Interfaith Leadership Studies and later on did his Master’s in Public Policy.

He also loves listening to podcasts related to interfaith and social and racial justice to keep himself updated on the happenings in our world.

Read Luke's stories at key organizations he has been a part of:

Elizabethtown College Peace Fellowship Meridian Interfaith Consulting On Earth Peace

For additional information about Luke's work, follow his social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted his work.

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Elizabethtown College Peace Fellowship

The Elizabethtown College Peace Fellowship (ECPF) is a community of alumni responsive to the enduring relevance of the College’s peace identity.  Believing this aspect of our legacy to be of profound significance in the contemporary world, the Fellowship seeks to affirm and promote the values of peace, non-violence, human dignity, and social justice in the global community, as stated in the College Mission Statement. Luke is a board member and is part of the Membership Committee. His role is to give out scholarships to students who are doing projects and research related to peacebuilding and social justice. He also helps with organizing lectures and getting diverse individuals who can talk about their experiences with peacebuilding and social justice in their careers to speak at them.

Follow ECPF's progress and work:

Elizabethtown College Peace Friendship's Website

Elizabethtown College Peace Friendship's Facebook

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Meridian Interfaith Consulting

Meridian Interfaith Consulting (MIC) provides religious diversity & equity consulting and training and provides support and strategic direction for businesses to formulate, implement, and assess successful religious diversity initiatives. They will work with your organization to create customized strategic plans, policies, and implementation guides. They also strive to provide employers with tools uniquely crafted to the need of their organization to make room for religious diversity and reduce unseen religious discrimination and provide religious equality in the workplace. MIC define the term interfaith specifically to include people who are religious, secular, and spiritual and strive to include all individuals in our accommodation training and consulting. Luke was the creator of this organization, influenced by his major in college of Interfaith Leadership Studies and his research in that area. The organization is going through a bit of a transitional time right now, but he is excited to start doing more with it.

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace (OEP) focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Luke was the Newsletter Editor Intern for OEP, focusing on developing the recurring Peacebuilder and frequently posting blogs concerning many of the events happening around in not just the OEP community but country wide or international events of great significance.

Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Luke

“OEP helped open my eyes to the injustices that I did not think still existed in our modern world. Racism is something that as a white individual, I don’t think about on a daily basis. OEP helped show me the extent of how racism is a huge problem in our world today and how we all can be allies for social and racial justice. "
-- Luke Mackey

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