Stories of Leaders for Justice & Peace in Each Generation

On Earth Peace has been working with peace and justice leaders for 45 years, but our roots go back 300 years in the historic peace church that birthed our movement and community.

Over the next few years, we will be collecting stories here from dozens of leaders OEP has helped in each generation, and share what they are doing now. Hopefully, you will help spread their stories to inspire others to get involved in doing this kind of work as well.

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Walk with us through six generations of leaders for justice and peace!
Generation Y Generation X Baby Boomers
Silent Generation World War 2 Generation Generation Z

Generation Y: Born in 1980-2000

They experienced the rise of the Internet, 9/11 and the wars that followed. Because of their dependence on technology, they are said to be digital natives.

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Featured Leader: Marie Benner-Rhoades

"OEP’s value of intergenerational leadership development has impacted my work for justice and peace -- first as a youth through their peace retreats, then as a young adult staff person providing a decentralized work culture that allowed me to move and grow without changing my job, and now as a parent and professional ... "

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Generation X: Born in 1965-1979

Gen X'ers were the first generation to experience: The highest level of education in the US to date. The 1976 oil embargo and the first gas shortages in the US. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the splitting apart of the Soviet Union. MTV and the rise of music videos. The tragedy of Tiananmen Square. The first Gulf War. NAFTA and globalism.

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Featured Leader: Matt Guynn

"I first connected with On Earth Peace as a sixteen-year-old attending a Peace Retreat at the rural Indiana. A couple of years later, as a college student at Manchester University, I had a summer internship focused on nonviolence training. That summer, the executive director of OEP drove me up to Philly to attend my first nonviolence training at Training for Change. OEP and TFC have been the constants for the rest of my life since then- sharing a common focus on leadership and capacity-building for nonviolent social change ... "

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Baby Boomers: Born in 1946-1964

The Boomers were born during an economic and baby boom following World War II. These kids lived through the Vietnam War and civil rights movement, all with rock 'n' roll music blaring.

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Featured Leader: Bill Scheurer

"When I first came to OEP, like many older white people in this country who came of age during the Vietnam War, I was mostly interested just in stopping war. My work with OEP has helped me see the interconnected web of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression and violence that makes the system and culture of endless war possible. Only by ending these at the same time, can we truly put an end to war ... "

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Silent Generation: Born in 1925-1945

They were born in the Great Depression. They grew up expecting a hard economic life in an era when a Christmas present might be an orange or a full meal. They are called the Silent Generation because as a group they were not loud. They did not protest in Washington. There were no major wars to protest.

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Featured Leader: Libby Layne

"As I become more involved in OEP, I realize that my time has come to become part of the solution to systemic racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. Participating in the Zoom Intergenerational meetings has broadened my knowledge of what OEP can mean ... "

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World War 2: Born in 1901-1924

They were teenagers during the Great Depression and lived through World War II. Sometimes called the greatest generation, or the swing generation because of their jazz music.

We are losing the last of our peace and justice leaders from this generation, including those who were imprisoned as objectors to war while engaging in civilian service.

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Generation Z: Born in 2001- Present

These kids were the first born with the Internet and mobile and may become the most individualistic and tech-dependent generation.

For privacy reasons, we do not show our emerging leaders for justice and peace who are under the age of thirteen. Be assured, though -- they are coming, and already here, leading in their way!

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