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  • Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM through July 21, 2019
    Camp Myrtlewood in Myrtle Point, OR

    2019 Song & Story Fest


    North Woods Song & Story Fest: Voices In the Wilderness!

    July 14 - 20, 2019 | Camp Myrtlewood, Bridge, Oregon

    A Family Camp featuring Brethren musicians and storytellers in the coastal mountains of southwestern Oregon!

    Psalm 19:1-3 proclaims: “The heavens are telling the glory of God and the universe proclaims God’s handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares understanding… their voice goes out through all the earth.”

    Can you hear the voices of the earth, the animals, and the heavens as they proclaim the wonders of creation and cry out their sorrow in its pain?

    Can you hear the voices of human beings, those who call to us from the margins, the poor, the refugees, the broken, or hungry, or homeless?

    Can you hear the muffled voices of the young, the hopeful, the scientists, the faithful children of god?

    We will be listening for these voices in the fields and forests of Camp Myrtlewood. And we will be using our own voices as we join in proclaiming the light of God’s presence in a time of conflagration, global warming, and the scorched earth policies being pursued by many. Can you hear God calling you to the mountain to lift up song and spirit in grace and gladness amidst the confusion and cacophony? Why not answer the call and join with the moon and stars that sing together in wonder and praise!

    Storytellers, Musicians, and Workshop Leaders:

    Rhonda & Greg Baker Susan Boyer Louise Brodie Kathy Guisewite Jeffrey Faus & Jenny Stover-Brown Erin & Cody Flory Robertson Jonathan Hunter Steve & Seth Kinzie Lee Krähenbühl
    Jim & Peg Lehman Matt Guynn Mike Stern Barbara West

    The mountains burst into song at Camp Myrtlewood!

    An Intergenerational Camp for All Ages -
    Single persons and families of any size and shape will enjoy this combination of performance and participation among the tall trees and cool streams of western Oregon.

    Mornings - intergenerational gatherings and worship will be followed by workshops for adults, children, and youth to help us:

    • Reconnect with the God of all creation and with each other
    • Tell the stories that make for peace and rekindle faith
    • Sing the words of our hearts in gratitude for the unceasing power of life
    • Root and ground ourselves in the Biblical story
    • Deepen our connections with each other and the earth
    • Celebrate peace, creation, and life
    • Dance in circles, lines, and squares
    • Learn the skills of peace-making and justice-seeking

    Afternoons - will be free for family time, recreation, story swaps, and music making.

    Evenings - campfires, snacks, and concerts or a folk dance.

    Song & Story Fest #23
    This is the twenty-third summer in a row for these Song and Story Fests and marks our third time at Camp Myrtlewood. The Fest will begin on Sunday evening July 14 with supper at 5:30 pm, an opening campfire, and some music and dancing. We’ll close the Fest on Saturday morning, July 20, after breakfast, worship, and hugs. This should give ample travel time both before and after the Fest from and to wherever.

    On Earth Peace will again co-sponsor the Fest, with leadership and administrative support.

    Camp Myrtlewood is in southwest Oregon between Coos Bay and Roseburg, located off Oregon Rt. 42 — 3.5 miles south of the hamlet of Bridge on Myrtle Creek Road. (For Google Earth and GPS fans, Camp is at 42°59'15" N and 124°00'46" W.) Camp’s 158 acres of temperate rainforest straddle Myrtle Creek with lots of tall trees and steep hills surrounding the meadow and rustic buildings of Camp. The creek has a great swimming hole, and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with nature (owls, herons, deer, otter and newts, among others- Sorry, the salmon are out in the ocean in the summer). Or take a hike on the Vista or Lookout Trails, play Ping Pong, Foozeball, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, or enjoy the small playground. Check it all out, see photos and get directions at www.campmyrtlewood.org.

    Lodging - Campers will sleep in rustic cabins furnished with bunk beds, or in your own tent or RV. Plan on sharing cabin space with other individuals or families, so please, on your registration indicate anyone with whom you want to share space. Please bring your own bedding and towels, as the Camp doesn’t provide these. There are 10 hookups for RVs with electricity and water, but no sewer/waste dumping. Hot showers are provided in common bathhouses. There are no motel style rooms available for those with advanced age or special needs, but distances are very short, the camp is not hilly, and there are a couple of options for close bathrooms. Motel lodging is available in Myrtle Point (15 miles) at Myrtle Trees Motel, 541-572-5811, or www.myrtletreesmotel.com and mention the Fest.

    Food - The Camp Myrtlewood cooks are great and feature vegetarian options at every meal. If you have special dietary, health or housing needs, please note them on your reservation and we’ll do our best to meet them. Please bring a new table grace to add to our repertoire.

    Contact Ken if you have a craft project to bring and lead. If you live nearby, please bring a lawn chair to sit on.

    Registration and Fees
    Registration includes all meals, on-site facilities, and leadership and is based upon age. Children 3 and under are welcome, no charge.

    Adults $320
    Teens 12- 19 $220
    Children 4 - 11 $150

    Maximum Fee per Family - $900

    Please register now and remit the entire fee by June 15. Registrations post-marked after June 15 should add 10% as a late fee. No discount for off-site, tent or RV housing.

    We expect to “max out” the limited space, so be advised to register early! First come, first served! Registration opens February 15, 2019.

    Daily Fee (if space is available) - $40/adult, $25/teen, $20/child, $100/family, includes all meals and program. Lodging is an additional $15/night/person.

    Contact Ken Kline Smeltzer at bksmeltz@comcast.net if you need financial help.

    To mail registrations & checks or ask registration questions contact Darlene Johnson:

    On Earth Peace; PO Box 188; New Windsor MD 21776
    Phone: 410-635-8704 (9AM-4PM Eastern); Email: OEP@OnEarthPeace.org.

    For additional information or with program questions contact:
    Ken Kline Smeltzer, Director, 1452 Willowbrook Drive, Boalsburg, PA 16827-1668
    814-571-0495 (mobile) or bksmeltz@comcast.net.

    Download the registration form, click here.

    Travel - - Eugene, OR is the closest airport, about 135 miles away. Email Ken if you would like assistance with ground transportation from the airport.


  • Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 12:00 AM through September 22, 2019

    Peace Day 2019

    Peace Day 2019: Making the Case for Peace

    On Earth Peace invites churches, justice-seekers, and peacebuilders to pray for peace and justice together this International Peace Day - September 21, 2019.

    Our theme for 2019 is "The Case for Peace." We invite you to use Peace Day as a time to understand the case for peace from the perspective of the Christian faith. Peace is essential for those committed to following the Prince of Peace - but where does that commitment come from? Knowing how peace is an essential part of our faith equips us to live peaceful lives and to build peace in our communities. We can help ourselves and others see and share why peace matters in our world and for our faith. What does peace look like for our friends, families, and community members? What does peace mean in situations of injustice or marginalization? How can we deepen our spiritual life to experience inner peace at the core?

    Romans 12:18 states, “If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” As followers of Christ, we are called to live peaceably with all. Not just those who look, think, or act like us. How can we practice this and encourage others to live peaceably with all?

    This year, join us as we discover together the case for peace, its foundations in the Christian faith, and how we can bring more of God’s peace here on earth. What can we do to ensure that all humanity knows they are made in God’s image, are loved, and are valued for who they are? What will you pray for? How can you get your community focused on an important issue? How can you serve and work towards peace with justice for all? How can you use the inspiration of Peace Day to take one small action that could make all the difference in a broken relationship? 

    Through the summer, we will offer resources and connections to other churches, organizations, and actions that you can participate in on September 21. We invite you to try something new this year- maybe planning a public peace prayer event, or doing something to cultivate peace in your personal life. We will offer you ideas and inspiration, including creative options for children’s involvement. There are many ways that anyone can participate in Peace Day. Join us!

    • Learn more about Peace Day and what you can do to join in: 
    • Ways to get involved:
      • Hold a prayer service or gathering for peace with your church or community, and post pictures or stories on social media using #peaceday2019 and #thecaseforpeace
      • Find a local Peace Day event to join at Campaign Nonviolence
      • Learn about and host a People's Supper with your community
      • Take the Peace Day challenge for kids or adults
      • Watch this website for study resources and recommendations
      • We will keep you updated via email about Webinars and Web-Hangouts to discuss topics about Peace this summer. 

    You can express interest in Peace Day 2019 using the RSVP form below. We'll get in touch with you to find out more about your interest, and we will keep you updated about events and resources.   

    Questions? Please comment below, write to us at PeaceDay@OnEarthPeace.org or join the conversation in the Facebook group mentioned above!