Our shared values are what bring us together as the On Earth Peace community. These values guide all our work, and direct our “values-based consensus decision-making” process.

While our inspiration is rooted in our faith, our Kingian Nonviolence training programs are open to any group or individual without regard to any or no religious affiliation.

Jesus-Centered Spirituality     
  We follow Jesus into the work of justice and peace. We share in spiritual practices and develop faith resources to help undergird our programs.

Positive Peace     
  We learn, teach and practice dynamic forms of peacemaking which see conflict as an important tool to meet needs, address injustice, correct imbalances of power, and seek healing and reconciliation.

  We commit to name and undo barriers to participation in our programs based on identity, and to work for full inclusion and equity for all who wish to join in our work. We commit to the long-term transformation of On Earth Peace, the church, and society.

Intergenerational Leadership      
  We nurture peacemakers and leaders, and honor the wisdom, skill, and experience of all generations.

Beloved Community       
  We commit to raising the levels of relationships until justice and peace prevail, and all people attain their full human potential.


A world in Beloved Community, liberated from oppression, violence, and war.


We develop and walk with leaders and communities who work for justice and peace.


Our strategic priorities listed below help us make sure we are able to be effective in helping with your work for justice and peace.

  1. Develop Spiritual Leadership
    Develop individuals as leaders with spirituality and skills in Kingian Nonviolence, using groups such as cohorts and communities of learning and action.

  2. Take Action for Justice and Peace
    Walk with leaders and their communities as they take action for justice and peace using the Kingian Nonviolence approach, including accountability, consultation, and organizing in solidarity with current movements.

  3. Embolden the Church of the Brethren
    Through our agency responsibilities and opportunities, embolden the Church of the Brethren to become a living peace and justice denomination.

  4. Institutionalizing Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression
    Institutionalize Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression in On Earth Peace practices and structures including staff and board composition, programs, budgets, policies, and accountability to AR/AO partners including Crossroads and the Supportive Communities Network.

During this period, we focus our core program work on Kingian Nonviolence.

We also continue to offer a wider range of services to Brethren congregations that we have historically provided to help with their unique commitments for justice and peace.


OEP is a supportive and welcoming community committed to full inclusion of people of all identities, and to the work of racial justice and anti-racism transformation.

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Kingian Nonviolence training, Dayton OH

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