Josie Stommel

A Life-long Learner, Global Citizen and Peacebuilder

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Josie was born in Maryland. While growing up, many parts of society made her wonder if the way our society functions is fair? To understand many of the questions she had, she studied Interfaith and Spanish at Elizabethtown College with a minor in International Relations.

She is currently pursuing a master’s at the University of Maryland in International Education Policy and hopes to pursue a master’s in TESOL in the future. She studies how society and policy interact in an effort to lift the voices of marginalized individuals. She envisions a world in which people live in equity and peace.  Her work with On Earth Peace and the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy has helped her to progress towards that goal.  

Read Josie's stories at the key organizations she has been a part of:

International Center for Religion and Diplomacy On Earth Peace

For additional information about Josie's work, follow her social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted her work.

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International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

The International Center for Religion and Diplomacy's goal is “To bridge religious considerations with the practice of international politics in support of peacebuilding”. Josie was an intern at ICRD, where she worked with staff and fellow interns to edit and create additional lesson plans for teacher training curriculum designed to enable teachers to engage with students on difficult topics including violent extremism and identity in the classroom. She also compiled daily reports to keep peacebuilders and researchers informed of in-country developments

Follow International Center for Religion and Diplomacy's progress and work:

International Center for Religion and Diplomacy's Website

International Center for Religion and Diplomacy's Facebook

International Center for Religion and Diplomacy's Twitter

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Josie served as the Children’s Peace Formation Coordinator Intern for On Earth Peace, and composed two sets of curriculum for children during her time there: the Agape-Satyagraha curriculum and the Kids as Peacemakers curriculum. Both sets of curriculum were designed to engage children in considering peacebuilding in conjunction with identity and their roles in society. 

Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Josie

“I came to OEP as a college sophomore navigating the higher education system and beginning to understand my calling as an international educator. OEP opened doors for me: the curriculum projects I worked on as an intern have proved instrumental in qualifying for other opportunities, and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. ” 
-- Josie Stommel

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