On Earth Peace- Gun Violence Prevention Campaign

About our campaign:

In On Earth Peace’s gun violence prevention campaign, we want to connect with people in churches and neighborhoods who are concerned about gun violence in our country - who are already taking some action or who want to get involved. Come share your story or your hopes for involvement!  

This initiative aims to move our constituency into action to reduce gun violence in the United States. If you have been active, we want to hear your stories so others can learn from your experience; if you are recently fired up, we want to offer the community a place to connect. We want to build capacity and commitment and see the way forward for all of us. 

You can expect to: 

  • hear updates from OEP organizing interns about current action on gun violence
  • reflect on your (possible) role in the movement
  • connect with others who are concerned or involved
  • get some energy and power for the work ahead 
  • identify immediate next steps in your own action against gun violence 

How to get involved:

1. Attend our monthly meet ups.

To RSVP for our upcoming meet up on June 16th, click the following link: June 16th, 2023: Gun Violence Campaign June Meeting

2. Take active action against gun Violence.

Join us in focusing our efforts in creating change on our local communities and on national level.

3. Get connected to others working against gun violence to exchange expertise and create a network of allies against gun violence. 

4. Get in contact with our Organizing fellow at [email protected]


Upcoming Events:

June 16th, 2023: Gun Violence Campaign June Meeting

OEP GVP highlights


OEP's Gun Violence Prevention Campaign members taking part of Wear Orange 

Members of our campaign participated in Wear Orange in protest of Gun Violence around the US 

Come join OEP's GVP- Church of the brethren action team for Vigil & Public Witness for Gun Violence Prevention - July 6, after Afternoon Business:

The team invites you to join us following the afternoon business session on Thursday, July 6. We will gather (location TBA) and walk to City Hall to sing, pray, and remember the lives lost to gun violence in partnership with other local groups working on this issue.

The purpose of the witness is to pray, to support those touched by gun violence, and to be inspired to take action after Conference. The team hopes this event can support and strengthen the work of gun violence prevention groups in Ohio and build a network of Church of the Brethren gun violence prevention advocates.


To learn more about the On Earth Peace Gun Violence Prevention- Church of the Brethren action team: check out the following link: GVP CoB action team