Recent Past Events

OEP Community Meetup #10 - Disruption | September 4, 2020

Our lives have certainly been disrupted by COVID. The continued agitation of Black Lives Matter protests in the US are keeping open a window. One way to look at this window is that - whether or not we are out in the streets - it’s our job to disrupt the institutions we touch, using the lift of the daily news cycle to ask forbidden questions and make visionary requests. Disruption does not have to mean destruction—it can be the catalyst for reinvention or renewal.

This meetup was inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sermon, “When Peace Becomes Obnoxious,” and by Principle #4 of Kingian Nonviolence, “Accept suffering for the sake of the cause to achieve the goal.”

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Intersectionality Community Conversation | August 25, 2020

OEP's Learning Action Community Interns held a conversation about intersectionality. They discussed how intersectionality relates to current events and took the time to connect the OEP justice community.

Intersectionality Community Conversation

Immigration Detention Center Conversation | August 18 & 25, 2020

Interns held a two-part conversation on immigrant detention facilities and connected them to the criminal justice system. Living in tight prison-like conditions and being separated from loved ones is not uncommon for those who end up making the journey to the USA border. Given the COVID-19 pandemic spread, the immigration detention system is important to discuss

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OEP Community Meetup #9 - Reading the Signs of the Times | August 7, 2020

This #OEPCommunity Meetup focused on Reading the Signs of the Times. Participants spent time sharing and built collective wisdom about the moment we are living in: the forces of oppression and liberations at play in the world today and our role in it. 

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Raising Race Conscious Kids | Four Part Series Every Thursday July 23, 2020 to August 13,2020

OEP is held a four-week webinar series on how to raise race conscious kids. Topics included how parents and teachers can address race, the myth of color-blindness, the role of racial scripts, and the future of racial justice.

The book "Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America" by Jennifer Harvey guided these discussions. 


Nonviolence Webinar: Christian Peacemaker Teams & On Earth Peace | July 23, 2020

This webinar was co-sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams and On Earth Peace. The session explored the interconnections between being a practitioner of active nonviolence and undoing oppression. 

Participants were be able to reflect on their own experiences with these two topics. They also were able to hear additional stories and perspectives on nonviolence and undoing oppression. 


In this session participants explored MLK's 3rd Principle of Nonviolence: "Attack forces of evil, not persons doing evil," while learning what it looks like to attach conditions, policies and practices. 
Participants will also reflected the victories happening in our day and reflected on them through the lens of this third principle. 

“Human indignation about conditions was the focus of Dr. King’s energy and attention. Personalities are not the problem; what must be changed are the conditions under which some people operate.” --David Jehnsen and Bernard LaFayette, Jr.


2020 Song and Story Fest | July 5-11 

This event would have taken place at Camp Brethren Heights. It moved online during to COVID-19. Visit what happened at the virtual event here. 


OEP Community Meetup #7 - "The Beloved Community is the framework for the future" | July 3, 2020

This check-in focused on Principle Two of Kingian Nonviolence: "The Beloved Community is the framework for the future." This check in, along with the other OEP meetup's were created as a series of events for people to attend as they stayed home during COVID-19. 


OEP Community Meetup #6 - Nonviolence is a Way of Life for Courageous People | June 19, 2020

This OEP Meetup was focused on the first principle of Kingian Nonviolence. Participants explored the courage required to grow their use of nonviolence - which is a positive force utilizing the righteous indignation and spiritual, emotional, and intellectual capabilities of people as a vital force for change. 


OEP Community Meetup #5 - Anti-Racism/ Anti-Oppression | June, 5 2020 

This meetup was created to build the Beloved Community with those in OEP's constituency of peace and justice practitioners. Participants gained insight on engaging racism and oppression through tools and lenses that OEP uses. Among other things, the session compared and contrasted "white institutional values," and "transforming institutional values."

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