OEP Meetup #9 - Reading the Signs of the Times


Join us for an #OEPCommunity Meetup focused on Reading the Signs of the Times.  These check-ins, a series of events initiated as people began to stay home due to COVID, are relational meetups in which we welcome new and returning friends and seek to build community, conviction, and capacity. These sessions are not "webinars" - they provide a time for relationship and conversation, with a theme. 

On August 7, we will:

  • Spend time sharing and building collective wisdom about the moment we are living in: the forces of oppression and liberation at play in the world today, what is coming ripe just now, and our role in it.
  • We will also take time to specifically reflect on and evaluate these #OEPCommunity Meetup spaces, which have been happening twice a month since March: How have they nourished you?   Are there ways to strengthen this offering?  Are they still needed?
August 07, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm | Eastern Time
Online - Zoom
Matt Guynn ·

Will you come?

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