Kids as Peacemakers: Equipping Resilient Leaders- Bullying Prevention

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10.15 Highlights

  • On September 29, Matt Guynn spoke on nonviolence in personal and social ethics for a class at McPherson College.
  • Matt Guynn continued as part of a curriculum development workgroup for a revamped Level Two Kingian Nonviolence training focused on organizing and mobilizing, to be piloted in late winter/early spring 2022. This was spurred by requests from partners in Arizona, at the Nonviolence Legacy Program of the Culture of Peace Alliance. 
  • In August, On Earth Peace's Stop Recruiting Kids organizer Sebastian Muñoz-McDonald organized "The Truth About Military Recruiting: A Dialogue with Veterans," featuring sharing from Rosa Del Duca, Ian Littau, and Eddie Falcon. The video recording is available online here
  • On Earth Peace Board of Directors held their biannual meeting October 7-9.
  • Sebastian Munoz-McDonald, Stop Recruiting Kids Organizer, and Cheylyn Grant, Racial Justice Organizer, completed their internships. Thank you both for all your hard work!
  • OEP welcomes Allie Dobson as our Graphic Communications Organizer intern. Welcome Allie!
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Tools for Organizing Series

Caption: An infographic showing information on a new Kingian Nonviolence series. 

Written by Anna Rodriguez, Kingian Nonviolence Fellow


Join On Earth Peace in October and November 2021 for a 4-week series to explore tools for organizing and community leadership through the values and practices of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation.  If you are an organizer working for social change, an activist working to reduce violence in your community, or just someone who wants to learn more, join us! 

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One Year Anniversary Since George Floyd

Written by Tamera Shaw, Racial Justice Organizer


Last year on May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What would’ve been considered a federal felony, turned into a death sentence. In the wake of Floyd’s murder, protests erupted everywhere and sparked a new wave of the movement for Black lives. Amidst the surge in support, there was undeniable backlash that has also had it’s lasting effects. A lot of the promises and efforts have yet to come to fruition. With the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin on the account of the murder of George Floyd, came a step in the right direction towards accountability. Yet, this verdict is hardly considered justice. It’s up to us to continue to question the use of our current justice system. It’s important to continue to demand reform, justice, and equity in ourselves and our communities.

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Fall Board Meeting Review

Caption: A screenshot from ZOOM shows OEP board members holding up candles representing the light they see in the world.

Written by Irv Heishman, Board Member


On Earth Peace (OEP) held its two and a half day fall board meeting virtually on October 7-9, 2021. Two new members were welcomed to the board: Rudy Amaya, from the Principe de Paz Church of the Brethren, Pacific Southwest District, and Alyssa Parker from First Church of the Brethren, Atlantic Northeast District. Tim Button-Harrison, District Executive for the Northern Plains District, was welcomed as the new liaison to the board appointed by the Council of District Executives.  With regret, the board received notice that Ruth Aukerman, who had been elected to the board by Annual Conference, needed to resign for personal reasons. Jordan Bles, who concluded over ten years of service as a board member was thanked for his many contributions in a number of capacities.  

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