Baby Boomers Impact Leaders

The Boomers were born during an economic and baby boom following World War II. These kids lived through the Vietnam War and civil rights movement, all with rock 'n' roll music blaring.

Our Baby Boomers: Bill Scheurer, Ruth Karasek.

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Bill Scheurer
Peacebuilder, Writer, Social Entrepeneur

"OEP’s value of intergenerational leadership development has impacted my work for justice and peace -- first as a youth through their peace retreats, then as a young adult staff person providing a decentralized work culture that allowed me to move and grow without changing my job ..."

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Ruth Karasek

Compassionate, caring, listening volunteer

"As I was growing up in the York Center at the Church of the Brethren, my teen years were filled with peace and justice issues, exploration and development ..."

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