Baby Boomers Impact Leaders

The Boomers were born during an economic and baby boom following World War II. These kids lived through the Vietnam War and civil rights movement, all with rock 'n' roll music blaring.

Baby Boomers Leaders
Ruth Karasek Bill Scheurer Beverly Eikenberry
Mark Karasek    

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Ruth Karasek

A Compassionate, Caring and Listening Volunteer

"As I was growing up in the York Center at the Church of the Brethren, my teen years were filled with peace and justice issues, exploration and development. It was in the late seventies so we were using resources from OEP, the Ministry of Reconciliation, and the Fellowship of the Reconciliation. I developed a passion for peace and activism and an understanding of community development and world issues. In my young adult life, a formative experience was participating in the conflict resolution workshops ...  "

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Bill Scheurer

A Peacebuilder, Writer and Social Entrepeneur

"When I first came to OEP, like many older white people in this country who came of age during the Vietnam War, I was mostly interested just in stopping war. My work with OEP has helped me see the interconnected web of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression and violence that makes the system and culture of endless war possible. Only by ending these at the same time, can we truly put an end to war ... "

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Beverly Eikenberry

A Pilgrim in Inner-Peace, Peacemaking and Anti-Racism Activism

"I attribute to OEP my leap toward becoming “woke” to anti-racism. I was required to be trained in anti-racism to be a member of the board and to continue as a board member to reflect on what we need to do differently and to think differently in order to work toward becoming a fully anti-racist organization. My eyes and heart have been opened ... "

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Mark Karasek

Business Executive, Educator, Innovator and Investor

"OEP has evolved. Providing peace counseling, peace programs to be aware of decisions we make, intervention, stepping in and helping in conflict situations or disagreements ... "

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