Ruth Karasek

A Compassionate, Caring, Listening Volunteer

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

Ruth has been a life long sponsor and donor to many organizations, hoping that her contributions will help deliver the peace and justice she is fighting for.

Ruth is a long-term donor and currently a volunteer for On Earth Peace. Some of her other key commitments include being a donor and a long time supporter to Christian Peacemaker Teams, and currently volunteering for the local chaplain's office at Good Samaritan Hospital in Illinois.

She is also a member of the Children's Disaster Services, an organization out of the Church of the Brethren dedicated to going to disaster zones to help out children and their parents. Furthermore, as a trained Stephen Minister, she helps people during crises and counsels them through any difficulties. Finally, she is also an active member of her community, collaborating with the neighborhood to make sure that it is a safe and functioning system by resolving any conflicts and discussing ways to better the community. Also, she participates in her local Church of the Brethren to help bring peace and within her neighborhood, she has spent the past five years building a Cooperative Grocery Store and is two years away from officially opening it. 

Read Ruth's stories at the key organizations she has been a part of:

Christian Peacemaker Teams Good Samaritan Hospital On Earth Peace

Read Ruth's stories at other organizations she has been a part of:

Children's Disaster Services Stephen Minister Cooperative Grocery Store

For additional information about Ruth's work, follow her social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted her work.

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Christian Peacemaker Teams

Christian Peacemaker Teams is an accompaniment organization, people go to specific locations and walk with other people who are experiencing violent oppression and help to amplify their stories of abuse and oppression so that they may be heard by everybody. Ruth is a donor to the organization and attends its educational and information meetings to learn more about peace building and also to be able to continue to support their mission to fight against abuse.

Follow Christian Peacemaker Teams's progress and work:

Christian Peacemaker Teams's Website

Christian Peacemaker Teams's Facebook

Christian Peacemaker Teams's Twitter

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Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital is part of the Advocate Aurora Healthcare system, one of the 10 largest integrated non-profit health care systems in the US. Ruth is currently a volunteer for her branch in Illinois where she assists the chaplains as an administrative assistant, keeping the office organized and adds extra support for the chaplains so they can provide the optimal care for their patients. She also helps greet patients as a welcome visitor, checking in on new patients, and making sure that anyone who needs support receives it. Finally, she also organizes the memorial and sends letters to the loved ones of those who died at the hospital. 

Learn more about Good Samaritan Hospital:

Good Samaritan Hospital's Website

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On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities. Ruth has been a long term donor for them and has also served for many years running their "Biblical Peace and Justice" Book Club, where she makes sure that new students and graduating students at Bethany Theological Seminary receive a copy of "Biblical Pacifism" by Dale Brown.


Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Ruth

“As I was growing up in the York Center at the Church of the Brethren, my teen years were filled with peace and justice issues, exploration and development. It was in the late seventies so we were using resources from OEP, the Ministry of Reconciliation, and the Fellowship of the Reconciliation. I developed a passion for peace and activism and an understanding of community development and world issues. In my young adult life, a formative experience was participating in the conflict resolution workshops where we studied personality types, styles and how that affects all interactions. Over my adult life, I have participated in local vigils, peace actions, community development events along with many years of attending the story and songfest which is now sponsored by On Earth Peace.” 
-- Ruth Karasek

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