3000 Miles for Peace 2024

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Join us in a peer-to-peer fundraiser to support the work of On Earth Peace. Throughout the month of June, the OEP community will collectively walk, run, dance, swim, shoot hoops, anything! to accumulate miles towards our goal. In April and May, the fundraising phase of the event begins. Money raised through the 3000 Miles for Peace event will go towards the 2024 budget and to the Paul Ziegler Young Peacemaker Fund endowment.

This year as On Earth Peace celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we are excited to once again hold a 3000 Miles for Peace event.  The event is hosted through a platform called Racery.  To join the event, follow this link- https://onearthpeace.racery.com/r/3000-miles-for-peace/.  There you are invited to join the 3000 Miles for Peace event and offered a dashboard that includes a fundraising link to share with your friends and family and a link to invite others to join.  There is a $25 registration fee ($11 covers the platform services, $14 goes directly to On Earth Peace).  Coupons for complementary registration are available by contacting Marie at [email protected].

In June, we will be able to track our collective progress to reaching our 3000 miles goal.  The virtual route connects On Earth Peace staff- Darlene in New Windsor, MD, Marie in Trumansburg, NY, and Matt in Portland, OR for 3000 miles. 

We look forward to this event that connects all of the OEP community!  Thank you for your efforts to fundraise on our behalf and have fun as you consider the activities you will participate in throughout June!

In 2013, the initial 3000 Miles for Peace campaign got people moving in honor of Paul Ziegler, a young peacebuilder who died tragically on his bicycle in a highway accident in September 2012.  Paul had planned to ride his bike 3000 miles across the continent in the summer of 2015 as a witness for peace, gathering fellow riders along the way and raising funds for building peace. On Earth Peace worked with Paul's family to plan the initial 3000 Miles for Peace campaign in Paul's honor.   Inspired by his life and his planned epic ride, over 1,500 people took part in more than 50 local events which included biking, walking, canoeing, hiking, running, as well as dribbling soccer balls, rocking chairs and lifting weights.  It was clear that whatever activity they chose, people saw their participation in the campaign as an expression of their belief in the importance of peace in our world.  In 2016, On Earth Peace launched our internship program funded in part by the Paul Ziegler Young Peacemaker Fund. 

Thank you to our sponsors for this event:

  • McPherson College
  • LaVerne Church of the Brethren Games & Goodies Group
  • On Earth Peace Intern Alumni
  • Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBTQ Interests
  • On Earth Peace Board of Directors
  • Gary & Darlene (Smith) Meyers and Chris & Linda (Smith) Lumsden in Memory of Harold Smith

To learn more about sponsoring On Earth Peace's 50th Anniversary events, contact Marie at [email protected].

June 01, 2024 at 5:00am - July 01, 2024
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>> Add this event to your Google Calendar

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