2018 OEP Sunday Worship Resources

Celebrating On Earth Peace Sunday

December 9, 2018

What is OEP Sunday?

OEP Sunday - held on December 9th this year - is set aside by the Church of the Brethren to recognize the Church's of the Brethren agency responsible for upholding and carrying out the work related to the church’s historic peace witness. It is also the date of Peace Sunday (2nd Sunday in Advent). 

How can my congregation participate?

On December 9, 2018, your congregation can participate in the following ways.

1. Using one or more of our special worship resources (available on this page) in your service and sharing a brief video about the ministries of OEP.

2. Taking up a special offering to support OEP. Our OEP Sunday offering goal is $25,000! Your contributions go directly to support our justice and peace ministries in the Church of the Brethren and beyond. 

Will your congregation join us on this special day to uplift OEP’s important work? Let us know by emailing [email protected] and sharing your plans. You can also post pictures or videos of your worship service on that day to our Facebook page.

We look forward to celebrating with you this December.

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OEP Board Meets

The On Earth Peace board held its fall meeting, October 4-6, 2018 at the First Church of the Brethren in Harrisburg, PA. The generous hospitality of this vibrant urban congregation was deeply appreciated. It enabled the board to continue its commitment to meet in people of color majority communities.

Most board members were able to be present for the meetings while others participated through Zoom video connections. Russ Matteson represented and reported on behalf of the Council of District Executives.  

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Peace Day Recap

We are getting reports from congregations that participated in the International Day of Prayer for Peace -- here are a few!  Please post your own pictures and stories from Peace Day 2018, directly in the OEP-PeaceDay group in Facebook- or send them to Matt Guynn at [email protected]

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Worship and Engagement

We would like to start building a team of volunteer writers to help with OEP resources for worship, program engagement and other events.

As part of our ministries, On Earth Peace produces worship resources several times a year, within regular rhythms (Advent, Easter, Pentecost, Peace Day, annual and district and other conferences, newsletters, etc.), and for special needs that may arise based on events.

This team of creative souls stands ready to receive requests to create or curate prayers, worship ideas, song suggestions, and other creative engagement and reflection resources to meet these needs. This is generally on a volunteer basis, but in some special cases we may contract with an individual to produce a set of resources or to work within a specific time frame.

We generally use the following scripture versions: NRSV, NIV, Message, or others as the particular translation may best serve our purposes. We also use inclusive language. Contact us to find out more and learn how you can get involved in this team.

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Seeds That Keep Growing

June 2018 participants in Kingian Nonviolence and Community Action -- Dayton, Ohio (Kezia Curtis and Matt Guynn, co-facilitators)
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