Internship Highlight: Dean DiPisa, our Outreach Interns and Online Storekeeper

Dean is OEP’s outreach intern and the online storekeeper for Just Peace Outfitters! “To give you some detail, I have built and currently manage an online store interface through, as well as work with other interns to create social media pages for the store. My day to day usually involves going through our store and making sure everything is in order, working in Canva to create new images and store content. More recently, I have been working with the social media accounts and Tabby (our social media intern), and developing a sticker scavenger hunt for store outreach.”

Dean often finds his work very much interconnected with the other interns at OEP as he helps design and publish their work as well. “I love the people, not only my coworkers, teammates and other interns, but also the constituents make working for OEP not only a pleasure but also an exciting thing to do. I look forward to it all.” Dean’s store, Just Peace Outfitters, is still relatively new to OEP, but this newness and the possibilities of its future excite Dean. “I am looking forward to the sticker scavenger hunt and building the brand that is Just Peace Outfitters.” Though running OEP’s online store does take up a good amount of time, during the breaks, Dean is constantly looking for ways to be outside. ““I am a student-athlete at Franklin & Marshall College. I also work as a tour guide on campus and play football. I am actually a big golfer, and I like to fish. And of course who doesn’t like going to the beach.”


When you see a cool new product or design circulating through OEP, know that Dean has been behind it every step of the way. Thank you Dean for all your hard work keeping OEP strong and proud!

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