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#DefendDACA #Dreamers


“Dreamers, On Earth Peace stands with you and your families, as the Trump administration cruelly scraps DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) that had provided nearly 840,000 of you some protections from the escalating threat, exclusion, deportation and detention faced by your families.  Dreamers, you are part of our community.  Some of you are Church of the Brethren.  All of you are important parts of our communities and nation.” –On Earth Peace statement of support, September 11 2017

In 2017, On Earth Peace revised the Kids As Peacemakers mural project curriculum to focus on welcoming immigrants.  We also released a statement in support of Dreamers and many of our supporters and practitioners participated in demonstrations in support of immigrants from around the world.

Marie Benner Rhoades

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