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Ruth Thompson 20sc

Laura Walker 9sc

i only joined twitter so that i can actually keep track of Trump bc that’s how americans get news now
Orinoco Tribune 9sc

News and opinion pieces mainly from Venezuela with a progressive socialist perspective.
Theophilus Press 9sc

Startup publishing company aiming to bring you fine Christian books.
Nadia Subratie 💵💪 9sc

Personal Branding Specialist 🚀Digital Marketing 😍 Entrepreneur 🔥Travel 🛰️ Leader 😎 Network Marketing 🤓 Coach🗣️Partner at Branding YOUniversity🎓Sales 😍Health
Galina Vale - Guitar 9sc

Artist, Ambassador of The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain, Manchester U.K
Bibop G. Gresta 9sc

I’m busy building the Hyperloop. Be energy positive!
Nandhiji 9sc

#Yogi #Visionary #Humanitarian #AnimalRights #Author #Mentor #Compassion #Empath #Healer Gift: Siddha Mantra Music: https://t.co/oSXdaKnCix ॐ