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Anonymous 10sc

DanielHM 9sc

Peruvian Anthropologist. Topics: Arts, Music, Science, Technology, Digital Media, Education
Elise David Lynn 9sc

Comtesse de Teba Marquise d'Ardales Duchesse de Bourgogne, I'M BLACK. @WHO Dr, Mr @POTUS @DeptofDefense AIDE. @DHSgov National security adviser.
Sarah Oren 9sc

Traveler, advocate, avocational writer, artist, and anthropologist. She/her.
Kieu le 5sc

Instructor at University of Arkansas
Anonymous 5sc

HSofia 🐍 9sc

I write, and strive to care about all of you + all of this without fear. She/her. Unschooler, babytender, moneywrangler, meditator, and "damned viper."
John Yoder 15sc

Startups Plow 9sc

A new community for #StartUpCompanies with less noise & junk on @plowio. Follow for an invite to join our open beta!
Kathryn LaPointe 10sc

Asylum shelter volunteer. Trying to live by Gal. 5:23 and Jewel's song lyrics "In the end, only kindness matters."
Peace is Possible 9sc

Mobilizing young people worldwide to create awareness, advocate, take action and commit to an everlasting world peace. #PeaceIsPossible
Victor Mutanga 11sc

Olympic Truce Peace Activist