KNV Training Completion

On Monday, December 14, twenty-nine participants completed a four-month course as part of their certification as Level One Kingian Nonviolence trainers.  The group, which hailed from five continents, learned about the Kingian philosophy and methodology which provides individuals with values and skills to help resolve problems and conflicts peacefully and organize and mobilize for social change.

On Earth Peace’s Level One Certification program was unique in at least two aspects. It was fully online, meeting four hours each week with assignments in between. It also provided more in-depth content on organizing and mobilizing than many Level One Kingian programs. The 13-week course started in September with deepening the basics about Kingian Nonviolence, continued during October with a focus on community organizing and mobilizing, finished in November and December learning and practicing facilitation skills in general and specific pieces of the Kingian curriculum. Participants will be eligible to complete their Level One certification after practice teaching a workshop in winter/spring 2021. The program was designed to go beyond granting formal certification, to forge a long-term community of organizers and facilitators ready to support each others’ work for the long haul. Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of all our participants, we have built a beloved community for justice and peace. The teaching team included Matt Guynn (overall coordinator), JoanMay Cordova, Cristobal Van Breen, Kazu Haga, Curtis Renee, and Angelo Mante. OEP’s Kingian Nonviolence intern Anna Rodriguez provided significant program support throughout.  

During the last five years, On Earth Peace, with partners from the Kingian Nonviolence Coordinating Committee, has pioneered online Kingian Nonviolence education, including introductory webinars and extended cohorts. Contact [email protected] for information about upcoming training. 

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  • JoanMay Cordova
    commented 2021-01-03 03:02:13 -0500
    Inspired by our growing international community who’ve spent 13 weeks teaching/learning Kingian nonviolence together. We’ll continue building Beloved Community everywhere! With <3 @ForCommunities, JoanMay
  • Elizabeth Gaver
    published this page in Blog 2020-12-16 05:39:35 -0500