OEP Staff: Interns

Here are our current internship staff members at On Earth Peace.

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14 directory listings
Skylar Rella, Anti-Racism Transformation Team Organizer 9sc

Centering Intersectionality, Embracing Complexity
Calum Clow 29sc

Empathy, Passion, and Creativity
Kharis Murphy, Communications Fellow 34sc

Peacebuilder, Strategic Thinker, Meme Creator
Sadia Akhter Aurna, Development Fellow 12sc

Love, Resilience, Courage
Devin Dixon-Rosario 144sc

Compassionate, Creative, Understanding
Hannah Bentley, Gender Justice Organizer 75sc

Passionate, Focused, Writing-Based
Allie Dobson, Graphic Design Intern 27sc

Activist, Creative, Passionate
Maya Hayes 72sc

Organized, Determined, Optimistic
Clara McGilly, Kingian Nonviolence Organizer 25sc

Nonviolent Practitioner, Swimmer, Chef
Janell Ryan, Newsletter Editor 25sc

Flexible, Nerdy, Cat Lover
Tamera Shaw, Organizing Fellow 175sc

Passionate Supporter of Racial Justice
Briel Slocum 21sc

Funny, Creative, Inspired
Grace Kellar, Social Media Organizer 6sc

Media lover, Hair-Dye Fanatic, Activist