Intern Spotlight: Sydney Goldsborough

Sydney Goldsborough as OEP's Social Media Organizer. Sydney has recently finished her master's degree in Consumer Behaviour at Goldsmith's, University of London. She reflects on On Earth Peace's impact on her life during her internship.


Why are you drawn/applied to On Earth Peace?

I was drawn to On Earth Peace because I was really interested in understanding the nature of non-profit organizations. The mission of OEP also stood out to me considerably as I was particularly interested in exploring kingian nonviolence practices. Prior to joining, I had a couple friends who were interns for OEP and they spoke so highly of the organization and about how much they’ve grown in their roles, which also encouraged me to apply even more so. 

What are the favorite project/s that you worked on?

I truly am very happy with a lot of the content I’ve worked on for OEP. But I would say my favorite project is the promotions for the Storyscape Spoken Word Salon Sessions. I recently designed two weeks of daily promotions for their session on the 5 Love Languages that involved sharing animated love stories from Storycorps and iconic love songs that reflected the 5 love languages. I really enjoyed the project because I hoped it brought a spark of happiness to our community. 

I’ve also enjoyed our on-going Events and Team Spotlight series that highlights the impact of our events in our community and to acknowledge all the work our interns are doing for their events. 


How has OEP affected your outlook/future aspirations?

When I joined OEP, I was torn between various career paths so this role as social media organizer as helped me considerably in exploring this pathway. In my education, I focused primarily on how to market products and services, so working under the lens of a non-profit org was difficult to adjust to at first, but it has helped me grow immensely. In terms of the content I’ve learned from OEP, it has assisted me in understanding how to build community and resolve conflicts. I think my outlook on societal issues has also changed to be in a more positive light/more optimistic due to the education I’ve learned from OEP. 


What would you like people to know about OEP and yourself?

OEP’s internship program truly allows my coworkers and I to explore and develop their interests and skills with an abundance of support from everyone involved with the org. For myself, I’ve been able to develop and design so many types of content with so much support from everyone that’s really helped me grow and understand social media and marketing more thoroughly. I’m very grateful for OEP as an institution and hope many people will support their mission and vision for the world. A beloved community can truly be achieved if we all work together. 

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