Kingian Nonviolence Level 1 Certification

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Join On Earth Peace for an intensive, life-changing experience, preparing you to teach Kingian Nonviolence!

This material has helped me to understand the problems we are facing in the world as well as how to address these problems. The level 1 training specifically has empowered me to train thousands in nonviolence as well as made my direct action trainings more effective and meaningful. In addition to the broader social problems the Kingian material has helped me to better understand the dynamics within organizations and how they can help or hurt our causes. 

--Cristobal Van Breen, KNV Level 1 Teaching Team 

Beginning September 15, 2022, On Earth Peace is offering an online Level 1 Training of Trainers in Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation.

Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation is an approach to conflict and community leadership that offers principles and methods useful for anyone who wants to use conflict constructively in your personal life, in group settings, or in community issues and building a reconciled world.

Kingian Nonviolence workshops are transformational experiences that have helped thousands of people around the world understand the depth of the philosophy of nonviolence and learn to begin to bring the practices into their lives and their work. Whether you are an organizer working for social change, a teacher trying to change the culture of your school or simply an individual trying to deal with the conflicts in your personal life, each person will walk away from our workshops with new skills and a new perspective.

Kingian Nonviolence is rooted in the philosophy and leadership of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the leadership of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. The curriculum was codified by Rev. Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr., and David Jehnsen, both of whom served on Dr. King’s staff in the 1960s, and who sought to make lessons and tools from the Kingian legacy and the Civil Rights Movement period available for people to address today’s conflicts, concerns and conditions.


The classwork section of the course is 4 hours a week, from September 15-December 15, 2022.  The class meets on Thursdays from 11am-3pm Eastern time. Click here for the start time in your time zone.  Those who successfully complete the classwork section (September-December 2022) are eligible for Practice Teaching (January-April 2023), where participants work in small teams supported by a senior trainer, to co-facilitate a public 16-hour core workshop in Kingian Nonviolence. Click here for the start time in your time zone.

Coursework and practice teaching for this course take place completely online, using the Zoom platform. 


Our group will handle the overall cost of the entire program collectively using an approach called Gift Economics. There will not be a specific price that you must pay: Organizers will clearly describe the financial outlay necessary to undergird the program. The group will work together to cover those costs as completely as possible through donations, raising funds in their own networks, etc.  Donations will remain anonymous with no specific pressure put on anyone to contribute a specific amount. On Earth Peace is learning this practice from our partners at East Point Peace Academy. You can learn about the approach on their website here:

Details are still firming up, but there will likely be a basic materials/resources fee of approximately US$100 for key program resources you will receive. If this is a hardship, accommodations can be made. If you are in a position to cover another participant’s materials fee, let us know. 

Course Completion

Participants who successfully complete both the classwork section and practice teaching, demonstrating competence in teaching Kingian Nonviolence material and facilitating a group will receive “Level One Certification in Kingian Nonviolence.”  Level One Certification recognizes your skill and authority to lead a two-day KNV core workshop or its equivalent.

Detailed course information:

To apply for this course, fill out this application form:

The organizing team will meet the week of August 29 to review applications in light of the work you're doing (community leadership) and the ethnic/cultural diversity of the cohort. 

Please email [email protected] with questions.

September 15, 2022 at 11:00am - May 13, 2023
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