Youth & Young Adult Grant Updates

Caption: A hand is placing a flower in a gun, with the first principle of Kingian Nonviolence above it.

Written by: Briel Slocum, Youth & Young Adult Assistant


In the Youth and Young Adult internship, I work with different groups to help counsel them in justice projects they are leading. I work with three different groups currently, and everyone is contributing to their community in abundant ways! Currently, consultation is being granted with three different groups: a group in Ohio, Harrisburg Church of the Brethren, and Westminster Church of the Brethren. Young adults are finding exciting ways to build peace and justice by taking initiative and getting involved.

Westminster COB is close to their last webinar with me. Following their Kingian Nonviolence webinar and racial justice webinar, their next step is setting goals within their work and communication with their community. The young adults are finding ways to get involved with their community as well as use their community garden for different activities. This garden is a place where people can sit and rest. There is a labyrinth that will be built, as well as vegetables and plants grown. They will be using these foods grown in the garden to help with their soup kitchen and be able to give towards those in the area. This group is finding ways to give back and get involved. 

It is easy to get involved in working towards social justice. If you know of any youth and young adults in the midst of creating or participating in social change, be sure to share! If they apply and are willing to be counseled and participate in a few webinars, they have the chance to be granted up to $500 towards their project. The form for this grant can be found by clicking here, or by clicking on the image above. 

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