Song and Story Fest 2020

Song and Story Fest has been moved online this year! Though we won't have our usual campfires and sing-a-longs in person, webinars and ZOOM gatherings will span between July 3rd and 10th to give everyone the sense of community they have been missing. To kick off everything we’ll gather, do a little visiting, tell some jokes, explore and embody a scripture for the evening, and then let some of our leaders offer songs and stories in an intergenerational worship program. The whole evening will last about 90 minutes on July 3rd, from 8:00 PM Eastern time until about 9:30.

The following days will have workshops/sharing/discussion offerings! On Sunday, rewriting the history of the Church of the Brethren, and on Monday, white people for racial justice.  In addition, on Thursday we will have sharing circles for women and men (separate ZOOM links).


Contact Ken Kline Smeltzer at [email protected] to identify yourself and obtain the ZOOM links for these events.

Scheduled Events for 2020 Song & Story Fest

Friday, July 3, 8:00 PM Eastern time: “Song & Story Fest – Built for Such a Time as This” 

  • Discussions of Scripture: Amos 5:22-24 and Esther 4:12-14
  • Leaders: Mike Stern, Jim Lehman, Bill Jolliff

Sunday, July 5, Workshop, 8:00 PM  Eastern time: "A People's History of the Church of the Brethren: an exercise in collective memory and narrative construction.”

  • Together we will "re-member" the social/cultural history of our church to "dis-cover" how we became complicit in our own acculturation and demise.”
  • Debbie Eisenbise

Monday, July 6, Workshop, 8:00 PM  Eastern time: “If black lives matter to white people, what should white people be doing?”

  • Jonathan Hunter and Bonnie Kline Smeltzer will convene this sharing and discussion time, focusing on racial inequality, justice, and what we can do about it. 

Tuesday, July 7, 8:00PM Eastern Time: “Christmas in July – Another Way of Living?” 

  • Discussions of Scripture: Mark 5:38-48
  • Leaders: Jonathan Hunter, Rhonda and Greg Baker, Others?

Thursday, July 9, 8:00 PM Eastern Time: “Men’s Sharing Circle”, “Women’s Sharing Circle” – separate ZOOM links 

  • Conveners: Jim Lehman, Ken Kline Smeltzer for Men; Carrie and Kathy Fry-Miller for Women

Friday, July 10, 8:00 PM Eastern Time: “Envisioning and Acting for Social Change” 

  • Discussions of Scripture: Joel 2:28-29, and Jeremiah 29:11-14
  • Leaders: Jim Lehman, Peg Lehman, Louise Brodie, Debbie Eisenbise, more…

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