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  • Children As Peacemakers: Equipping Resilient Leaders - Kingian Nonviolence

    Join us for our seminar "Children as Peacebuilders: Equipping Resilient Leaders-Kingian Nonviolence " at 12:00pm EST on Saturday, January 22nd. Speaker Robin Wildman will talk to parents and caregivers about Kingian Nonviolence principles and teaching them to children.


    Robin Wildman:

    Robin is a Senior Level Kingian Nonviolence Trainer. After meeting Bernard LaFayette Jr. in 2001, she has dedicated her professional and personal life to practicing and teaching Kingian Nonviolence. Her 28 years as a public school teacher has given her the platform to train educators, administrators, and students in Kingian Nonviolence. Because of the training, school staff and students have reported experiencing profound transformation in the way they address conflict. As a nationally acclaimed expert on Kingian Nonviolence education, Robin has conducted Nonviolence workshops for parents and teachers, given lectures and  interviews, and  is the author of a Kingian Nonviolence curriculum, used internationally by educators and trainers of young people. 


    The series invites parents and caregivers to talk about ways in which topics such as racial justice, LGBTQ+ justice, migrant justice, and many other important topics can be addressed! OEP will host speakers and psychologists that specialize in children development to discuss the safest and most efficient methods of how we can raise healthy children that are compassionate, caring, and inclusive of others.

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    January 22, 2022 at 12:00pm
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