Read Aloud Project: June Books | July 09, 2021

This past month of June we have read four stories:

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding: An Adventure in Sibling Harmony by Gail Silver

Summary: In this story, Lilly gets absorbed into her great grandfather's journal as he meets a strange looking frog-like creature called Anger. The story helps Lilly transform her anger into loving kindness through Metta technique.

Reflective Question: How can you implement meditation into your daily life to be more kind and loving to others?


Pink is for Boys by Robb Pearlman and Eda Kaban.

Summary: This story shows how pink is for boys, girls and everyone! And so are all colors of the rainbow. 

Reflective Question: What is your favorite color?


Sparkle Boy by Leslea Newman

Summary: This Story follows Casey's love for sparkle! He wears sparkly skirts, sparkly nail polish, and loves to wear sparkly bracelets. His sister Jessie, however, thinks that he shouldn't because he is a boy. When Casey starts top get teased for wearing 'girly' things, Jessie realizes that he should dress however he wants!

Reflective question: What makes you sparkle?


Helen Keller by Hala Hasan

Summary: This book tells the story of Helen Keller, an American author who has lost both her sight and hearing as an infant. The story follows her struggles to her success as an academic and an activist.

Reflective question: What is a difficulty that you have had to overcome? 

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