Read Aloud Project: July Books | July 26, 2021

A recap of books we read in July.

This past month of July we have read three stories:


Who Will I Be? by Abby Huntsman

Summary: In this story, Abby begins to wonder what she wants to be in the future. She learns about different jobs that are all about helping others, and finds out what she would like to be.

Reflective questions: How would you like to help others when you grow up?



What Is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner

Summary: This book takes kids into a trip of understanding what God is like, and what he means to them.

Reflective question: What is God like to you?



Donovan's Big Day by Lesléa Newman

Summary: The story follows Donovan's on his big day, the day of his parents wedding!

Reflective question: What has been a big day to you?


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