Read Aloud Program Blogs

Throughout the Read Aloud project, On Earth Peace has been writing and reflecting on this program. Our blogs include the records of books we've read so far, as well as reflections on webinars and events that we have been part of.

Kids as Peacemakers: Equipping Resilient Leaders- Bullying Prevention

Read about our upcoming event on October 23rd and Bullying Prevention.

Read Aloud Project: July Books | July 26, 2021

A recap of books we read in July.

On Earth Peace Projects for Children : Read Aloud in a Foreign Language | July 16, 2021

On Earth Peace's most recent #KidsAsPeacemakers project and how exposing children to different languages benefits them and the community.

Read Aloud Project: June Books | July 09, 2021

A recap of books we read in June.

Read Aloud Project: May Books | June 06, 2021

A recap of book we read in May.

Read Aloud Project: April Books | May 19, 2021 - On Earth Peace

Here is a recap of books we read for the project in April.

Read Aloud Project: March Book | March 30, 2021

Here is a recap of the books that were read for the project in March.

Read Aloud Project: February Books | February 24, 2021

Here is a recap of the books that were read for the project in February.

Author Spotlight: Dorena Williamson | February 7, 2021

Dorena Williamson, a children's book author, uses her experience as a worship leader to address important topics like race and justice.

Read Aloud Project: January Books | February 2, 2021

Here are the books that were read for the project in January 2021.

Black Lives Matter in the Classroom | January 27, 2021

Lee & Low hosted a webinar called Black Lives Matter: A Conversation with Experts, where author Laleña Garcia and illustrator Cary Davidson spoke about their book What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book and how the principles of Black Lives Matter can be applied in the classroom. 

Anti-Racist Book List for Young Adults | January 19, 2021

Here is a list of five book for young adults about antiracism.

Flamingo Rampant Book Publisher | January13, 2021

Looking for a new book publisher? Flamingo Rampant is a book publishing company that produces “feminist, racially-diverse, LGBTQ positive children’s books, in an effort to bring visibility and positivity to the reading landscape of children everywhere."

New Children's Books Releases for 2021 | January 6, 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! Several children’s books are scheduled to be released in 2021. After looking at the various new releases, On Earth Peace created a list of 10 children’s books that we think you should look into reading or purchasing for the children in your life. 

Read Aloud Project's Most Viewed Videos of 2020 | December 16, 2020

The Read Aloud Project has been going on since March of 2020. As of December 16, 2020 there have been 75 read aloud videos posted on On Earth Peace’s Facebook page. Our top five videos had a combined total of over 2,000 views.

Multicultural Children's Books About Christmas | December 9, 2020

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to make a list of Christmas books that had characters from different backgrounds. Hopefully, this list will give people ideas on what books to read or buy next for the children in their lives.

Read Aloud Project: November Books | December 1, 2020

We've rounded up our November 2020 reads. 

Contemporary Native Literature | November 23, 2020

Lee & Low Books hosted a webinar about contemporary Native American children’s literature and educational resources. Read this blog to learn more about what we've discovered!

White Privilege Symposium 2020 | November 16, 2020

Priscilla Weddle, Children’s Peace Formation Organizer, and Tamera Shaw, one of the Racial Justice Organizers, attended the White Privilege Symposium. Read this blog to see what they discovered and learned about the need for conversations and education around this topic. 

Documentaries & Docuseries About Peace, Courage, & Justice | November 11, 2020

Books are important in developing children’s peace skills. However, movies and tv shows can also play a significant role in teaching children skills. This blog features a list of documentaries and docuseries that both children and adults would enjoy watching. The documentaries and docuseries I chose are about peace, courage and justice. 

StoryCycles | November 4, 2020 

Our Children's Peace Formation Organizer attended an webinar call, "Using Books to Engage Young Children in Talk about Race and Justice." This webinar featured a group of people from Tandem. Tandem is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of engaging the community to ensure all families have the resources they need to support their children's kindergarten readiness. Learn more.

Read Aloud Project: October Books | October 28, 2020

See what we read in October! 

Children's Books About the Birmingham Campaign | October 22, 2020

Read how children have made an impact and how they're involved in the Birmingham Campaign.

Children's Halloween Books About Courage and Friendship | October 16, 2020

Collection of Halloween books that are about courage and friendship. 

Children's Books About Climate Change | October 7, 2020

Help your children learn about climate change! Read the blog to learn more.

Read Aloud Project: September Books | October 4, 2020

See what we read during September!

Children's Books About Voting and Elections | September 16, 2020

Ahead of the upcoming election, here a list of children’s books about voting and elections to help answer questions children might have about it.

Teacher Pick: Best Children's Books | September 10, 2020

We asked teachers which books the recommend children. Here is a list of books recorded for grades 5th and 6th.

Read Aloud Project: August Books | September 1, 2020

See what we read this August! 

Raising Race Conscious Kids Session 4 Reflection | August 26, 2020

OEP's Racial Justice Organizer, Tamera Shaw and Grace Cook-Huffman, wrote a reflection on the fourth session of "Raising Race Conscious Kids."

Raising Race Conscious Kids Session 2 Reflection | August 18, 2020 

Priscilla Weddle, Children’s Peace Formation Coordinator at On Earth Peace wrote a reflection over the second Raising Race Conscious Kids Session. 

Raising Race Conscious Kids Session 1 Reflection | August 11, 2020 

Laura Hay, OEP's Youth and Young Adult Intern wrote a reflection on the first Raising Race Conscious Kids Session. 

Children's Books of 2020 | August 6, 2020

Here are a list of new justice and peace books that were published in 2020! 

Read Aloud Project: July Books | July 29, 2020

See what we ready in July 2020! 

OEP Raising Race Conscious Kids Webinar Series | July 16, 2020

Jennifer Harvey’s book Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America is the book our webinar series is based upon. Click on the link to learn more.

Children's Books About Migrants | July 7, 2020

Immigration is a topic that should be discussed with children. Even though it can be uncomfortable for some parents to talk about this topic, it is important to explain what it means to be an immigrant and the difficulties they may face. Read this blog for a list of books that will make these discussions easier.

Read Aloud Product: June Books | June 30, 2020 

See what we read this June!

Lee & Low Books | June 18, 2020

Learn about Lee & Low who's publishes Own Voice Books. Own Voice, refers to books written by authors from underrepresented groups about their own experiences.

Representation Matters | June 10, 2020 

Representation in children’s books (and all books for that matter) truly makes a difference in the lives of young readers. Making personal connections to content boosts a reader’s ability to effectively comprehend the information. 

Read Aloud Project: May Books | June 1, 2020

See what we read the second month of the read aloud project.

Reality Check: Children's Book Audit | May 27, 2020

Marie Benner-Rhoades recently did a children’s book audit after viewing an EmbraceRace webinar, “Reading Picture Books with Children through a Race-Conscious Lens,” where the idea was introduced to me. See what she discovered here.

Diverse Book Finder | May 19, 2020

Having diverse characters in children’s books is important because it allows children to reflect on their own identity and develop empathy for others. For the Read Aloud Project, we have made a concerted effort to read books with diverse characters. 

Read Aloud Project | May 18, 2020

See what we read during our first month of the Read Aloud Project in April.