OEP Practitioners

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Erin Gratz 55sc

Librarian, bibliophile, knitter, gardener, foodie, oneophile
Jeff Davidson 291sc

An overweight bald guy usually in need of a shave.
Reba Beery 18sc

Suzanne Ayer Lay 165sc

Information Minister at Arlington Church of the Brethren
Stop Recruiting Kids 57sc

We protect our kids from adult risks like alcohol and tobacco. We can protect them from the adult risks of military recruiting in school. #SRKcampaign
Tabitha Rudy 41sc

Who needs pants when you can wear a skirt?
Yvonne Frey Schwartz 126sc

Designer at YVON
Janet Eldred 127sc

Cindy Harper 294sc

E-Services and Serials Librarian at Virginia Theological Seminary
Pat Perdue 17sc

Ann Cripe 8sc