OEP Practitioners

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Yvonne Frey Schwartz 126sc

Designer at YVON
Janet Eldred 127sc

Cindy Harper 254sc

E-Services and Serials Librarian at Virginia Theological Seminary
Pat Perdue 17sc

Ann Cripe 8sc

Ethan Vesely-Flad 95sc

Justice & peace organizer/writer. @FORpeace. World traveler. Big daddy. El jefe portero de futbol. CM Fam/ hip-hop Chilly E. Harlem/Oaktown/AVL
Ben Long 26sc

Lyn Guyer 188sc

Joel Gibbel 121sc

Ordained minister @ChoftheBrethren | Pastor @YorkFirstCOB | MDiv @BethanySem | I ride bikes and read books | Views are my own
Ashley Haldeman 29sc

trying to find a space between the shadows and the light.
Julie Rudd 12sc

Pastor at Wilmington Friends Meeting