Annabell Knapp, She/Her

Annabell Knapp graduated with a BA in History/Political Science and Global Studies from Bridgewater College in 2021. In the fall she will be attending Goldsmiths University where she will be pursuing a Master in Politics, Development, and the Global South. Annabell is passionate about helping others in developing countries through decolonization and anti-imperialist methods. She is also passionate about social justice issues and works to find the interconnectedness between issue areas. Annabell is excited to uplift Palestinian voices as the Palestine Justice Organizer. Her hobbies include taking pictures of her cats and spending time with friends! 


  • commented on Reversing the Narrative: Interfaith Encounter Association & My Bad Luck 2018-06-02 14:13:49 -0400
    Hey Anh! Not sure how to reply on this forum yet, but I have had some terrible luck and rash decision making! & I lost the visa for my entrance into Israel because they don’t stamp the passports. You just get this blue paper because having an Israeli stamp will bar a person from many Arab countries. & I did end up going to Jerusalem that day, miraculously! & I plan on going tomorrow, as long as the guards let me through in order to get a new visa in downtown Jerusalem.