Annabell Knapp, Palestine Justice Organizer

  • commented on Reversing the Narrative: Interfaith Encounter Association & My Bad Luck 2018-06-02 14:13:49 -0400
    Hey Anh! Not sure how to reply on this forum yet, but I have had some terrible luck and rash decision making! & I lost the visa for my entrance into Israel because they don’t stamp the passports. You just get this blue paper because having an Israeli stamp will bar a person from many Arab countries. & I did end up going to Jerusalem that day, miraculously! & I plan on going tomorrow, as long as the guards let me through in order to get a new visa in downtown Jerusalem.

This position focuses on justice for Palestine, building a community working towards this goal and inspiring them towards advocacy, knowledge, and conflict transformation while also sharing skills and experiences gained in the spirit of collaboration.
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