OEP Gives Thanks 2022

Marie Benner-Rhoades, Youth and Young Adult Peace Formation Director

"I am thankful for opportunities for my daughter to connect with children and leaders around the world as she discovers her passion for peace and justice.  The On Earth Performers Drama Club has been a highlight of our fall!  She has enjoyed meeting children from Palestine and the US.  I've appreciated the opportunity for her to participate in a dual language program (Arabic and English) and the creative exploration of peacemaking across cultures."

Carla Campillo Masip, Kingian Nonviolence Organizer

"I'm grateful to OEP for the community I've been able to create with interns, fellows and staff. This organization has not only allowed me to evolve professionally, but it has also given me the opportunity to create connections that will outlast my time here at OEP. I'm also grateful for the campaigns we have developed that will hopefully have a lasting impact on the participants' lives. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!"

Maria Garcia, Written Communication Organizer

"I'm grateful for the opportunity the On Earth Peace has given me to connect with people all around the world that are interested in peacebuilding. OEP has given me the materials and knowledge to become an active member of the community and to further my journey in fighting injustice."

Lisa NeuhauserMigrant Justice Organizer 

"This year I have been so blessed to be doing the work I truly feel I was meant to do. I thank On Earth Peace and its mission in being committed to bringing awareness and outward action against injustices and indignities in the vast world around us. The staff and other interns from around the world have helped me maintain the confidence needed to work for justice and promote nonviolence in ways that have shown me we can all do something. Sitting back and watching is just not an option if we really want change."

Olivia Marie, Social Media Organizer

"I am grateful for so much that OEP has given me. I value the conversations surrounding justice, peace, and advocacy that I am able to have within our organization. I have met so many great community members and have built relationships with many amazing people throughout my internship here and I am so very glad I have been able to be involved with this work!"



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