Introducing Just Peace Leaders

On Earth Peace has been working with peace and justice leaders for 45 years, but our roots go back more than 300 years in the historic peace church that birthed our movement and community.

We have started collecting the stories of dozens of leaders OEP has helped in each generation, and now are excited to begin sharing their work. Hopefully, you will find inspiration in these stories and share them with others.

JustPeace Leaders is a new biweekly email for sharing stories about some of these leaders who have worked with OEP. Because it is new, our team of interns decided to start out with this first edition featuring our executive director Bill Scheurer. (He was easy to get, all we had to do was offer him a sticker from the new JPO online store!)

Bill Scheurer
Generation: Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Bill has been deeply involved in the peace and justice movement for the past two decades and has formed personal working relationships with many key organizations and leaders active throughout that community. As the Executive Director at On Earth Peace, Bill has often shepherded innovative ideas that increase public awareness of important movements like BLM and countering the militarization of youth and schools.

Visit Bill's profile page to learn more about his work and discover how to get a free sticker of your choice from our growing gallery of peace and justice stickers in the JPO online store.

Here is one of Bill's favorite stickers from our online store, opposing a military draft of women.

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