Internship Highlight: Priscilla Weddle, our Children’s Peace Formation Organizer!

Priscilla works as our Children’s Peace Formation Organizer ! “I am responsible for creating and promoting the children's curriculum.” More recently, Priscilla’s work has been based on her big quarantine project; the Read Aloud Project. “The main thing right now is the Read Aloud project, where members of the community record themselves reading peace and justice children's books and ask engagement questions. That was made to help parents with homeschooling resources for the pandemic.” While Priscilla coordinates the Read Aloud Project, she also finds herself helping in other spheres of OEP, like more recently the Raising Race Conscious Kids Webinar Series. She finds joy in the interactions she encounters. “I like collaboration with the other members. I recently did a webinar series where I got to work with Laura, Grace, and Tamera and that was a lot of fun!” Outside of OEP, Priscilla finds herself just as busy. “Right now, I have a new job at the food pantry at my university, as my major is food insecurity. I have my job and I like playing with my dog and going to the beach and stuff like that.”


Priscilla’s many big projects are a staple of OEPs justice acts and gifts to its community, making Priscilla a greatly valued member of the OEP family. Thank you Priscilla for keeping OEP running proud and strong! 

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