Intern Spotlight: Hadil Alhayek

Hadil Alhayek serves as OEP's Children's Peace Formation Organizer intern.  She reflects on the impact that On Earth Peace has made in her life during her year-long internship.

Why are you drawn/applied to On Earth Peace?
I applied to OEP after a mentor recommended it to me, he was a co-speaker that joined me in a series talking about Palestine Justice. What drew me to OEP was that it had young people from all around the US, from different backgrounds who were coming together to talk about different social justice issues that were all of interest to me, I liked that the organization gave young people to generate the change they want to see in the world. And I was happy to get to know and learn from these interns that I have worked closely with for the past year.

What are the favorite project/s that you worked on?
In October we launched a series labeled "Children as Peacemakers: Equipping Resilient Leaders" in which we welcome parents, caregivers, and educators to join in conversation about social justice issues that concern their children and all children. We have since talked about Native American culture and rights, women's justice, environmental justice, and many other topics, guiding parents and educators through their journey in learning in order to teach their children.  We have over 100 participants that have joined us during those past 8 months, and I'm excited for this series to grow even after I leave my position as the Children's Peace Formation Organizer.
How has OEP affected your outlook/future aspirations?
OEP has helped me develop a new vision and approach to creating change in my life as a young Palestinian woman, it has challenged my views on conflict and peace and therefore solidified my faith in a peaceful approach towards conflict.

What would you like people to know about OEP and yourself?
I started my internship on OEP excited to learn about children peace formation. I had no idea that one year later, I will have immense knowledge in different areas of social justice issues. Throughout my experience in teaching children (or their caregivers) about different issues, I have learned about racial justice, LGBTQ justice, Palestine justice, I have learned about organizing with a purpose and about organized events from the past that have helped shape our present. I believe that OEP is a wonderful journey for every person to go through, a journey of learning, compassion, and motivation to create change.

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