Intern Spotlight: Devin Dixon-Rosario

Devin Dixon-Rosario serves as LGBTQ+ Justice Organizer intern. He reflects on On Earth Peace's impact in his life during his internship.


Why are you drawn/applied to On Earth Peace?

On Earth Peace is the most inclusive- most justice-driven group that I have ever been associated with. OEP gives young adults a platform for authentic and radical autonomy.

What are the favorite project/s that you worked on?

There hasn't been a single project during my LGBTQ+ Justice Organizing internship that wasn't fulfilling. However, if I may name a few, I must say that I hold networking with Supportive Communities Network in high regard. In conversations with SCN director, Annabeth Roeschley, I was able to bring resources to my local church community (Harrisburg First Church of The Brethren) as well as my latest newsletter, Love Me, Too V.2: Beloved Brethren. In conversations with SCN and Becky Ullom Naugle, Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministries, I had a seat at the table in creating a safe space at National Youth Conference for queer youth and young adults. Also- a Dunker Punks podcast? Get out of here!! #131: Love Me, Hear Me, See Me Too — May 21, 2022 


How has OEP affected your outlook/future aspirations?

Before my internship with OEP, I never knew that my future could include queer justice work. The doors that OEP have opened for me were transformative; I've found purpose and place as a gay black man in the Church of the Brethren. As I transition into my Anti-Racism/ Oppression fellowship (Woo-hoo!) I plan to continue creating safe spaces for all to come, encouraging difficult conversations & spreading agape love. 


What would you like people to know about OEP and yourself? 

OEP truly embodies the ideology of a beloved community, "raising the levels of relationships until justice and peace prevail, and all people attain their full human potential". I want everyone to know that On Earth Peace is a safe space for prosperity, a safe space for YOU.

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