Intern Spotlight: Allie Dobson

Allie Dobson serves as OEP's Graphics Communication Organizer intern.  She reflects on the impact that On Earth Peace has made in her life during her internship.


Why are you drawn/applied to On Earth Peace?

I was drawn to work at OEP once I saw their work in activism. This is something to speaks to me and I’m always looking to get more involved in.

What are the favorite project/s that you worked on?

My favorite project I’ve worked on here at OEP would be the rebranding project, which is still in the works! I’ve gotten the pleasure to work with many interns, fellows, and staff on this project. As well as meet and talk with the board about creative and constructive routes for the organization that I’m passionate about. 


How has OEP affected your outlook/future aspirations?

My OEP internship has given me tools that I will carry on into my career. But they have also taught me valuable knowledge past that. I wasn’t fully aware of KNV until beginning my internship and I’m proud of what I’ve learned. 


What would you like people to know about OEP and yourself?

It’s so important to me that people don’t look at OEP as just another “churchy organization.” While we have those roots and elements, we are much more than that. We are a community we supports LGBTQ+, POC, the disabled, equality, and the work towards a better future. As my internship comes to an end here at OEP, I hope I am able to bring these stances to the light and help us show what we’re all about.

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