Libby Layne

A Writer, Activist and Peace Seeker 

Stories of Key Peace & Justice Work

A writer and an activist with a passion for peace and justice, Libby Layne is an inspiration to many. She is the perfect example that it’s never too late to begin and that there is no age limit to becoming more active. Today, she is involved with On Earth Peace, The Listening and The Lynchburg Rise Project.

Libby was reared in The Church of the Brethren where she early became aware of the history of the anti-slavery and peace movements in that church. She observed the protests against the war in Vietnam as well as the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s and supported them, but was not yet actively participating.

The founder of OEP, M.R. Zigler was Libby’s Great-Uncle and Sadie, the sister who raised him, was Libby’s Grandmother.

Her research for a book “Sadie’s Silence, about her Grandmother and her Uncle, led to her discovery of On Earth Peace. The book will be released in October, 2020.

Read Libby's stories at the key organizations she has been a part of:

The Listening The Lynchburg Rise Project On Earth Peace

For additional information about Libby's work, follow her social media outlets and how On Earth Peace has impacted her work.

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The Listening

So, she joined a group called “The Listening” which was working to found a Freedom School in Lynchburg.  These schools came out of the 60’s Civil rights movement and are summer reading programs for minority children in the community. The reading and discussion focuses on black history, current situations of racism and self-esteem and community with others.

Follow The Listening's progress and work:

The Listening's Website

The Listening's Facebook

The Listening's Twitter

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The Lynchburg Rise Project

Libby is also involved in a Facebook social justice organization called “Lynchburg Rise” which disseminates information about what the local black community is doing to change the system and how to become more involved.  

Follow The Lynchburg Rise Project's progress and work:

Lynchburg Rise Project's Facebook

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On Earth Peace

Two years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, only two hours away from her Lynchburg home, a White Supremacist Rally was held and several people were killed.  Deeply upset at the specter of that kind of racism so near, at 78 years of age, she contacted OEP for guidance as to how she could become active in the fight against systemic racism. On Earth Peace focuses on supporting people who are working for justice and peace, helping them to develop as leaders in their communities and there a staff member suggested getting involved at a local level.


Follow On Earth Peace's progress and work:

On Earth Peace's Website

On Earth Peace's Facebook

On Earth Peace's Twitter

On Earth Peace's Instagram

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On Earth Peace's Impact on Libby

“As I become more involved in OEP, I realize that my time has come to become part of the solution to systemic racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. Participating in the Zoom Intergenerational meetings has broadened my knowledge of what OEP can mean for me as a guide to my activism. With that guidance, I look forward to becoming more involved in Lynchburg as a force for establishing The Beloved Community that I have found in OEP and making it a reality here. As a writer, I will continue to promote my passion for justice and peace among all people.” 
-- Libby Layne

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