OEP Faith Heritage

In 1974, M. R. Zigler brought together a group of people who wanted to renew and strengthen the historic peace witness of the Church of the Brethren. Held in New Windsor, Maryland, this meeting gave birth to On Earth Peace.

From the beginning, peace education for youth was a priority, and remains so today. Other projects over the years have included professional/vocational groups for peace, a peace resource book store, a series of peace assemblies, various peace witness activities, and programs for nonviolent social change. In 1990, the Church of the Brethren transferred its important Ministry of Reconciliation to On Earth Peace, and in 1998, the Church of the Brethren embraced On Earth Peace as an official agency of its Annual Conference.

Today, we cherish our Brethren heritage and associations, while we look forward as both an agency of the denomination and an independent peace and justice nonprofit organization serving the broader church and the whole world.

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Bethany and BBT are sister agencies of OEP.


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