Gen X Impact Leaders

Gen X'ers were the first generation to experience: The highest level of education in the US to date. The 1976 oil embargo and the first gas shortages in the US. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the splitting apart of the Soviet Union. MTV and the rise of music videos. The tragedy of Tiananmen Square. The first Gulf War. NAFTA and globalism.

Our Gen X Leaders: Matt Guynn.

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Matt Guynn

Building Capacity For Nonviolent Change

"I first connected with On Earth Peace as a sixteen-year-old attending a Peace Retreat at the rural Indiana. A couple of years later, as a college student at Manchester University, I had a summer internship focused on nonviolence training.  That summer, the executive director of OEP drove me up to Philly to attend my first nonviolence training at Training for Change. OEP and TFC have been the constants for the rest of my life since then- sharing a common focus on leadership and capacity-building for nonviolent social change.  ... "

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