Fellowship Cohort 2021

In 2021, On Earth Peace fully launched our first Fellows cohort as an extension of our internship program.  Our Fellows deepen the work begun in their internships, allowing OEP to do even more! Here is a bit from each of them: 

Anna Rodriguez, Kingian Nonviolence Fellow (former Environmental Justice Organizer and Kingian Nonviolence Organizer):

I learned about Kingian Nonviolence when I started working for OEP and it opened my mind to want to develop new skills in the field. I started attending OEP webinars where interns had the chance to learn about Kingian Nonviolence.  Soon I realized it wasn’t merely a concept but a way of life… In the last year I have had the opportunity to grow at the personal and professional level, to learn from different communities about conflict, peace and reconciliation, and to become a better leader myself.

Kharis Murphy, Communications Fellow (former Stop Recruiting Kids Organizer):

Through my internship experiences, I was able to build skills in strategic thinking, setting goals for campaigns, capacity building in order to meet goals, collaboration, and creative problem solving. I believe these skills as well as skills I have developed through outside experience in the past year equip me well as the Communications Fellow with OEP.

Tamera Shaw, Organizing Fellow (former Racial Justice Organizer):

I’m interested in looking at the type of organizing that OEP is doing. What are the expectations? And, more importantly, what’s possible? Through my experience as an intern, I’ve learned that actual work with real people is possible! And, because we are an agency of the Church of the Brethren (COB), how do we appropriately stimulate the COB in order to create a better relationship/connection with the COB as an institution?

Skylar Rella, Anti-Racism Transformation Team Fellow (former Gender Justice Organizer):

I wholeheartedly believe that anti-racism should always be central, with an acknowledgement and understanding, too, that racism at its roots is deeply tied to many other forms of oppression. The invention of gender and sex categories in particular came to be in our culture in ways that were very intentionally tied to upholding white supremacy; this reality makes it so that, in a variety of ways, gender in particular is very much part of the conversation about race. I personally believe an intersectional approach is a necessary part of moving forward in this work in more effective, intentional, and loving ways.

Sadia Aurna, Development Fellow (former Campaign Organizer):

Fundraising and development work is something that I am extremely passionate about. I envision structuring our prospect research, grant research and outreach to both individuals and the congregations. I look forward to the next year as I and the team work for peace and justice. Peace and love that come within our very core, I believe, has the power to transform the world in the most positive way possible.


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