Leadership in Kingian Nonviolence

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As we move into 2022, OEP is proud to continue its mission of equipping leaders in peace and justice using the discipline of Kingian Nonviolence. This year we as an organization will be focusing on practicing Principle 3 of Kingian Nonviolence: “Attack forces of evil, not persons doing evil.” In the coming months, with Principle Three as a backdrop, On Earth Peace will significantly revamp our social change organizing work, increasing focus on specific campaigns and movements for change afoot, and upping our capacity for applying the discipline of Kingian Nonviolence with our constituency and partners. We hope you will support us as we step into this next phase of our work!

Where do you see yourself working towards a reconciled world?

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You have the power to help OEP continue to support leaders in Kinginan Nonviolence as we host trainings and sessions developing leaders in peace and justice!

Equip leaders to attack forces of evil rather than persons doing evil and engage their communities on the important peace and justice issues of our day. Help build a world in Beloved Community, liberated from oppression, violence, and war.

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