Church of the Brethren Congregations

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LeAnn Wine 10sc

Tandy Wine 79sc

Roy Winter 7sc

Associate Executive Director of Global Mission and Service
Misty Wintsch 6sc

Associate Pastor at Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren
Carol Wise 28sc

John Wise 10sc

Rachel Witkovsky 28sc

Director of Young Adult Ministries at Palmyra Church of the Brethren
Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred 322sc

Founder and editor @DunkerPunks, co-host of @DunkerPunksPod. Activist, Organizer, Writer, Speaker. Progressive. Let's face it: RTs are usually endorsements.
Dawn Wojcik 88sc

Sharon Wood 10sc

Substitute Teacher at Floyd Cunty Public Schools